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Best Football Chants you heard

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    What's it like to

    what's it like to

    what's it like to see a crowd
    what's it like to see a crowd.

    Have you ever seen a Mackem in Milan

    Ba ba Demba, can you score a goal? Yes sir, yes sir, I'm not Carlton Cole.

    You get cheesy chips for a pound, You get cheesy chips for a pound, You get cheesy chips for a pound, Sunderland's a massive club

    (Original post by IanDangerously)
    United go to every ground in the country and embarrass the home supporters outsinging them, have been for years now. This season we've taken over the Whorethorns, the Reebok, ******* Road and that hellhole in Stoke already and outsung the lot! The "lower league" teams only have a handful of chants all to the same tunes and thrive largely off copying our songs.

    But hey, we're Man United, we do what we want!
    Away fans do tend to be very loud, fair play but you can here a pin drop in Old Trafford some weeks. Don't give me the whole 'we're loud for the big games' you should be singing every week. It doesn't matter if you're 8-0 up at Anfield or 3-0 down at home to Swansea...

    Celtic fans to Rangers keeper accused or rape

    We Know She Said No
    we Know She Said No
    allan McGregor we know she said no


    Absolutely hilarious.

    I've never heard this at a game obviously, but its the best one out there

    My god.

    Gunnarsson - son - son,
    He's better than Joe Allen,
    Gunnarsson - son - son,
    He's our midfield magician,
    To the left, to the right,
    To the Icelandic beat all night,
    He's a bluebird and he's class,
    and he'll kick your ******* ass!


    (Original post by FrigidSymphony)
    Everton chant for Carroll to the tune of Amore.

    When a girl hits the floor and it's not Collymore, Andy Carroll (Andy Carroll)
    When you're glassed in the face by a mug with no pace, Andy Carroll (Andy Carroll)
    When your car's set on fire, called a knob and a liar, Andy Carroll (Andy Carroll)
    When you're either in jail, hitting birds or on bail, Andy Carroll (Andy Carroll)
    I love how 3 minutes after they sang that on the weekend Carroll went and scored. I think he shut them up good and proper. :teehee:

    this is something the manchester united fans sing about Ji Sung Park

    Park Park
    wherever you may be you eat dogs in your country
    still it could be worse
    you could be scouse
    eating rats in your council house !!

    #84 lol
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    Some new ones from recent games:

    He plays on the left,
    He plays on the right -
    Looks like Michael Jackson,
    Before he turned white!

    Nemanja Vidic, he sniffs cocaine,
    Goes into tackles, and feels no pain!

    Bucharest, Bucharest, we are coming,
    Bucharest, Bucharest, we're ****e.
    Bucharest, Bucharest, we'll **** City,
    and we'll **** em on a Thursday night!

    Giiiiiiiigs, Giggs is goin to Am-ster-dam! Giiiiigs, Giggs is goin to Am-ster-dam!

    Oh Amsterdam, is wonderful.
    Oh Amsterdam is wonderfuuuuuul
    It's full of weed, hookers and United,
    Oh Amsterdam is wonderful!

    P.S don't bump your own threads, it looks like shameless attention seeking.

    One of my favourite FFC chants (when we're winning away)... "We're winning away! We're winning a-way! How **** must you be? We're winning away!"
    (We have by far the WORST away record of any BPL club.)

    Wolves sung 'you're just a bunch of rioters' at us earlier this year.
    And we sung back... 'You're only got three stands! THREE STANDS!'
    'Empty seats, everywhere, empty seats!' is another fun one.

    'Should have gone to Specsavers' is another fun one (at the lino.)
    'Que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be! We're going to Wembley! Que sera, sera.' OR '...We'll concentrate on the League. Que sera, sera.'
    'You only live round the corner! LIVE ROUND THE CORNER! You only live round the corner!' (This week against United.)
    The Rafa van der Vaart song is far too catchy.

    'When the ball hits the goal, it's not Rooney or Cole, that's Zamora!' or 'When you're seats in row Z(ed) and the ball hits your head, that's Zamora!'

    For Fulham...
    'You're just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off of you... I love you, Fulham.' (to the Valli tune.)


    The man at the beggining says: please welcome a brand from St Etienne (biggest rival of lyon, they are 20 kilometers away from each other), during a Lyon-St etienne game. And then they sing "the lion is dead tonight", that was quite funny. It's not a football cant though.

    Some gems from Wednesday at Fulham
    justice for Evra!
    Der der der der der der; der der der der der der; der der der der der der; racist bastard!
    Giggs, Giggs is going to amsterdam!
    Oh channel 5,
    is wonderful
    Oh channel 5 is wonderful
    its full of tits, fanny and united
    oh channel 5 is wonderful!

    Thursday night, in amsterdam
    Thursday night, in amsterdam!

    Great show from the united fans making a laugh out of any possible thursday night channel 5 songs.

    If you dont ****ing bounce
    If you dont ****ing bounce then your a blade
    (this song and bounce absolutely nackers you out)

    Good one yesterday after Karl Henry of Wolves got sent off.

    "I would rather have a dyson than Henry, and I would rather have a dyson than Henry, and I would rather have a dyson, rather have a dyson, rather have a dyson than Henry"

    'Town full of sea men, you're just a town full of sea men' at Portsmouth away last week.

    Favourite chant is one aimed at Stephen Ireland after he lied about one, and then another, of his grandmothers being dead to duck out of playing for Ireland:

    Alive alive-oh
    Alive alive-oh
    Stephen Ireland's two grannies
    Alive alive-oh

    Love it!!

    'Friday night, Channel 5' sung by United's opponents at a number of recent games.

    (Original post by OmnipotentOmelette)
    Oh Coloccini, you are the love of my life
    oh Coloccini, I'd let you sh*g my wife
    oh Coloccini, I want curly hair tooooooooooo
    Good one. Also one ready for when Cisse plays against Sunderland:

    You paid for his flight… You paid for his flight… You Sad Mackem Bastards… You paid for his flight!


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