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FANTASY FOOD: Foods and Drinks that Exist Only In Our DREAMS!

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    My fantasy food: A little cub which contains the perfect amount of nutrients/ calories to sustain you at perfect weight and keep you perfectly healthy. Your entire food for the day over and done with.
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    Stilton pizza.

    Also these threads are great at distracting me from my search for a jerb.
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    (Original post by TotoMimo)
    Please please please make those!!!
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    Magical, which ones? The Yogskits, Brekkie Bites, or Totems? Or the Chocolates or Cereal posts I made?
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    Jake 22, this one's for you.

    A cross section of... THE KFC ZINGER KIEV!

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    That looks immense!

    I like the way the bacon in there makes the burger into some sort of almost scotch egg type kiev. I'd be all over that like white on rice.
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    (Original post by TotoMimo)
    Magical, which ones? The Yogskits, Brekkie Bites, or Totems? Or the Chocolates or Cereal posts I made?
    Soz posted that before I saw the rest! Mostly the Totems!!
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    Cheesecake with 1 cal per slice.
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    Commercially-available TOFFEE-FILLED CROISSANTS.

    Know how you get chocolate croissants? Well imagine the chocolate is replaced by soft toffee a la Millionaire Shortbread's...
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    (Original post by Jake22)
    A burger kiev - i.e. a burger with cheese in the middle of the patty. I did this once with a homemade burger - so much nicer than having the cheese on top for some reason.
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    It's a toaster crumpet with a hidden bacon layer, a ring of ooey gooey cheese, and a core of delicious poached egg! Shove it in the toaster for a 2-minute-til-done MONARCH OF MUNCHABILITY!
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    Gigantic creme egg filled with creme.:coma:
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    Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, Chocolate Frogs, Frizzing Wizzbees, Pepper Imps, Sugar Quills, Ice Mice, self-flossing mints, Butterbear and especially Firewhiskey. :yes:
    Although when it comes to Cockroach Clusters I do not want.
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    (Original post by Fusion)
    Milkybar Milkshake
    I've good news for you. Milkybar Crushems at KFC are exactly that!

    However, I didn't like them, despite liking milky bar and milkshake.
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    Chocolate favourite tooth paste!! They make chicken flavour for dogs...dunno why they can't make chocolate for humans
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    Deep fried sponge cake.
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    Chicken shish kebab covered in cheese
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    Introducing SNAKORES! Imagine if a Scotch Egg and a Kinder Egg had a baby, and you're almost there! With a savoury exterior to munch through before you reach a little plastic capsule... crack it open and you've got your sweet in the form of a bite-sized cake! You get your savoury AND your sweet in one handy delicious snack!
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    1km long meatball marinara from subway..

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    Lobster burger!
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