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How competitive is sociology to get into? Please help

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    (Original post by pearls)
    Btw what job prospects are you thinking of? Lol
    Civil Service, Social Research (Perhaps along the lines of ONS/NatCen), Policy Research for a Think Tank, academic research (depending on funding), administrative roles in higher education (quite liked the look of working for the International Office at a university).

    I specialise in Research Methods in Sociology - So things like statistics, interviews, philosophy of Social Science, policy research etc. So something along those lines.
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    (Original post by srascal8)
    It's popular amongst BBB students, because whilst it's not the most respected degree, a BBB will get you into a top uni for sociology, namely Bristol/Warwick/Manchester/Leeds etc..
    Warwick actually ask for AAB for sociology.
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    (Original post by kkate1212)
    Warwick actually ask for AAB for sociology.
    Did you not read the first few comments at all?
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    Sociology is a mickey mouse subject - it's all propaganda. There. I've said it and if it makes me stuck up so be it.


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Updated: May 27, 2012
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