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What do you think of people who wear 'University of...' hoodies outside university?

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    I don't see the issue with wearing them, whoever you are and whether you go to the university in question or not :erm: I honestly don't care. It's a hoodie. Am I in the minority here?
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    (Original post by Chav Princess)
    1) Fresher who's really happy to be at their university, and wants the whole world to know (note: this excitement lasts 1 to 2 weeks maximum).

    2) University snob who goes to a prestigious university and wants other students who might be around to know that they they go to a better university than them.

    3) Student who goes to an ex-poly university and wants members of the public who aren't students to know that they actually go to university and thus are 'educated'.

    4) Student who has forgotten to do that week's washing and only has their university hoodie lying around, and it's cold outside.

    Why have you just specified ex-poly here? Surely this point could apply anywhere.
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    (Original post by Muffinz)
    I like it, I just hate when people wear the hoodies and they aren't actually attending that uni.

    Tops you get from New Look which have random American unis on them disgust me.
    This. They make even less sense than 16 year-olds wearing t-shirts with 'Osaka '69' on them.
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    i think its annoying when people at school wear fake t-shirts and jumpers from made up (and once real) american universities it must really annoy people who actually went there
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    (Original post by Cicerao)
    I don't understand people who feel the need to wear "JACK" hoodies when their name isn't Jack*. That's a story for another day, though.

    * And yes I know the real reason but it's still dumb.

    I think Jack Wills do some alright stuff, but it's far too expensive.
  6. Online

    My sister bought me a Loughborough Nike Hoodie for christmas last year. (I've only just started college)

    Its really warm, and its a great hoodie for wearing around the house, or under a coat as an extra layer, but I'd never wear it out in public, as thats just ridiculous when I don't even go to uni yet, let alone Loughborough.
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    Why make such far-fetched assumptions about people? Conclusions I make when I see someone in a "University Of.." hoodie: They probably go to or have been to X University, They have worn a University hoodie on at least one occasion

    Thinking about it, my personal opinion I think most students don't have an alterior motive to wearing it, they just wear it because they bought it and want to get use out of it/it's comfy.
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    What grinds my gears are all the " ------- 11 leavers " hoodies I see.
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    (Original post by rhiam)
    i think its annoying when people at school wear fake t-shirts and jumpers from made up (and once real) american universities it must really annoy people who actually went there
    I have a Yale Hoodie

    I stole it off my boyfriend - His auntie bought it him and he refused to wear it because it was American.
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    (Original post by robertlol)
    What grinds my gears are all the " ------- 11 leavers " hoodies I see.

    I'd like one of those as a memento of college times but sadly there weren't even enough people in my year group to have a '11 Leavers' napkin, let alone a hoodie.
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    I only ever wear my uni hoodie for bed in the winter really. I never wear it any other time.
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    I love university clothing. Do UK universities have large websites like this?
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    I think most people would agree that people who wear hoodies of universities they do not even go to is just ridiculous. UCLA as a prime example.
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    (Original post by Cicerao)
    5) Student who bought a society hoody and wants to actually get some use out of it instead of worrying people are going to assume I'm doing 1, 3 or 4. (Meee. )
    :lol: :hugs:

    10. what about ppl who have to wear it as uniform (me :emo:)
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    Well, my university hoodie is a Gallifrey University hoody, so...
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    I wasn't aware I was meant to be bothered. I think "Oh, they go to such-and-such a place, wonder what they're studying." Or if it's a uni I'm applying to then "Wonder if they're doing pharmacy?"
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    (Original post by Temeraire.lee)
    Well, my university hoodie is a Gallifrey University hoody, so...
    I love you. Words can't describe the affection I feel for this post. :lol: I wish I'd written it.
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    (Original post by MagicNMedicine)
    Well it depends what uni they are at.

    I would usually go home and look up their university's respective position in the league tables to determine what I think. If they go to a uni that was lower than mine then HA I judge them for wasting taxpayers money going to a second rate uni. If they go to one higher than mine then I hate them for being uni snobs.
    You didn't memorize the tables? :confused:
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    My mum wants me to buy her a Lancaster University hoodie, because she's proud of me.
    I wear my two (one uni and one college within the uni) because I am proud of my achievement getting into that uni and because I feel a sense of family within the college and within the uni.
    And because they're warm! *fetches hoodie and sits all snuggly and warm*
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    Student who wants to be warm...?
Updated: February 25, 2015
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