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International Relations Fresher at UEA

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    Sunday- Moved in in the afternoon, with the help of my Mum, Dad and my Mum's I friend unpacked everything. My room is a good size, although my wardrobe is small but I have plenty of shelving and storage place. Then met my flatmates who are all really nice. We just sat in the kitchen talking for about two hours. Then after eating dinner (a ready meal), we got changed ready for our first night of freshers. Pre drinks were interesting- my flatmates taught me how to play ring of fire as I hadn't played before and it took me a while to get the hang of it, and we also played Never Have I Ever.

    First night was an ice breaker with a Black Eyed Peas Tribute Act. The flat (minus the two chinese students who stay in their rooms all the time), walked over to the union. We stopped for a drink in the bar, before heading over to the dance floor, which was dead when we arrived, but filled up pretty quickly and was soon heaving. I found there wasn't really much space to dance, and I kept getting wacked by arms and elbows of others. I also lost most of my flatmates a couple of times, but overall had a pretty good night.

    Monday- In the morning- Got very lost trying to find the building I was supposed to go and register in, had to ask a 2nd year for help. Then I went with flatmates to the freshers fair- I got a ton of dominos vouchers and a free slice of pizza amongst other things. In the afternoon had a welcome talk- found a girl who I'd spoken to on facebook beforehand so we sat together and got chatting before the talk started. The talk itself was pretty boring, it was more like a sales pitch for the department than anything else, and the head of school isn't a great speaker (thankfully I don't have him for any lectures this year.) After we had a welcome party where they had free beer and nibbles - I met my 'buddy' (a 3rd year student, the idea being I can ask him about the course), then sat in the square in the centre of campus for a while before heading back to my flat to make dinner.

    Second night was a Pendulum DJ set- one of my flatmates had way too much to drink and so we spent the first part of the night looking after her, mainly outside. Then when we went inside people decided to move nearer and nearer the front, to the point where we were right next to the moshpit that was going on. I ended up being wacked by this guy who was having an argument with someone, which wasn't great. Pendulum were pretty mental though.

    Tuesday- I just had one talk today- a study skills one which although not the most exciting thing, was useful. After this I went to the society fair- signed up for the Cocktail society and bought a ticket for their first social on Monday at a club in town, and also the Conservative society.

    The evening was pretty good- went to the union again for a 'T-Shirt Party'- you collected a t-shirt which you decorated, and it was hilarious what some people put on theirs.
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    Wednesday- had my first proper lecture at twelve- an introductory one for a history elective I'm taking which was very interesting. Then headed back to the flat, chatted with flatmates and then tried to sort out my accomodation payment, which I think I failed at.

    The evening was a Zane Lowe DJ set, and after playing drinking Monopoly and Ring of Fire me & my flatmates headed out to the union. Zane Lowe was amazing, but I ended up having to leave an hour early to accompany a drunk flatmate back to halls.
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    Thursday- had no classes today, was meant to be seeing my advisor but he was away, so I chilled most of the day.
    Evening- it was a Ministry of Sound addicted to bass night, but the music was rubbish and the union was half empty, so me & my flatmates left after an hour.

    Friday- also had the day off. My flat decided to explore Norwich- got the bus into town where we had McDonalds- (you can get student discounts on the meal deals) and then went and browsed the shops. I bought some stationary from WHSmith which I was in need off. It's just a shame they don't do student discounts. But Norwich literally has every different shop you could ever possibly want, and they are all walking distance from each other.

    Evening- whilst most people went to see Jack Whitehall perform, I went with a girl I'd met in another flat and her flatmates to a 90's night- back to school theme, at a club in town (also owned by the Union)- it was such good fun relieving memories of the yr3 school disco and the union put on free transport. And they decided to keep it open til 3am at the last moment. Got back at 4 and after eating baked beans as I was starving, I just crashed in bed.

    I'm surprised your uni hosts such famous DJs in a relatively short space of time.
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    (Original post by 2ndClass)
    I'm surprised your uni hosts such famous DJs in a relatively short space of time.
    Well it is freshers week- I'm going to the welcome party tonight and Scott Mills is DJing.
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    Whoops, sorry for not updating about the final day.

    Saturday day- went back into Norwich to do some food shopping, I'd really wanted to order a delivery but didn't want to on my own due to delievery costs, and flatmates hadn't quite realised how hard it can be dragging shopping bags on the bus back. And I needed food. So I struggled along, and got a load of easy to cook things- Birds Eye Burgers/southern fried chicken, and 6 Youngs Fishcakes for £1! (Morrisons), all things you can bung in the oven.

    Evening- it was the welcome party tonight (again at the union), the 'big bash' with Scott Mills DJing. First up though was this guy off Britains Got Talent, Stevie Starr, a regergitator, who managed to sucessfully make everyone feel sick. When Scott eventually came on he was amazing- great music, great atmosphere, but my flatmates kept complaining of being hot so I missed most of his set due to being outside. So before I knew it freshers was over.


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