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worst trends at the moment

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    (Original post by mrdreamerstar)
    are you saying they look chavvy? i just think they look good on me, show off my good figure and muscles
    Troll to the MAXXXXXX.
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    Chinos. Brogues. Florals. Granny cardigans. Waaay too much make-up.

    The current look in fashion at the moment appears to be a weird clash of "I Just Raided My Grandma's Closet" and "Hi, I'm a Whore."
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    (Original post by Jacktri)
    polo shirts are the new Burberry
    Polo shirts are burberry are cool. The problem is that the chavs ruined them. But it is nothing comparable to harem pants and cake faces.
    What would you want your boyfriend to wear when meeting your parents? A polo shirt.
    What would a guy wear for a night out, something in between formal and informal? A polo shirt.
    Why the hate?
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    (Original post by Jacktri)
    Troll to the MAXXXXXX.
    No not really lol.
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    (Original post by pinda.college)
    Girls that show off their big boobs, so don't do it. But so you know, if you wanted to annoy me then that's the thing to do.
    Okay. Next time I get dressed in the morning, I'll be sure to make sure I'm just suitably covered up to make you happy.
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    (Original post by saberahmed786)
    showing your underwear like a "gangsta"

    Gangsters don't show their underwear...!
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    (Original post by Apollo11)

    -Nerd glasses. It's even funnier when they're wearing the cinema's 3D glasses that they clearly ask you to PUT back and have the logo on the side. Not to mention the fact that they're empty frames. You look RIDICULOUS.
    Who's cinema asks them to put the glasses back? You have to pay extra to buy them, after that they're your possession
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    Shocking amount of Sh!te at the minute
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    (Original post by Bubbles*de*Milo)
    Okay. Next time I get dressed in the morning, I'll be sure to make sure I'm just suitably covered up to make you happy.
    Feel free to annoy me by doing the opposite, I deserve to be annoyed
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    People who turn their collars up on polo shirts to show off the logo printed on the underside of them. :rofl: I don't know how they can think they don't look like a massive bellend
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    clothes with massive logos plastered all over them, which cost a ricdiculous amount of money i.e jack wills, hollister, A&F etc.
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    (Original post by variatedenigma)
    For me, dip-dyed hair, piercings other than ears, fake tans, foundation on anyone under 20, panda eyes, Vans, fake-distressed anything. The list goes on.
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    gilets. toms. that tshirt that says 'your tent or mine' that countless people wore this summer. and, big boots not done to the top being worn with skinny jeans and a gilet.
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    toms, hollister, AandF, essex boy stuff, reem tshirts, dropcrotch chinos, beige chinos, tans, river island graphic tees, wayfarer style glasses but they're not ray ban and "I'm tryna be different" hipster stuff.
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    (Original post by Lumos)
    Make that "face piercings other than ears". Belly-button piercings are fine, but nose, lip, tongue...
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    Oh gosh, so many! I've noticed a lot of girls shaving parts of their hair over the last few months, it looks awful. Also, I know it has been mentioned a lot on this site recently, but the use of leggings as trousers and when people cannot dress very well. Another is those vile fakenails in a very bright colour. Not particularly a trend, but for some reason the chavvy girls in my sixth form do it. There are many more too, but I am a bit too tired to be listing them. (A cop out, I know!).
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    Superdry. Why?
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    Leggings, no dress/long top.

    And yes, superdry.

    Oh and people sporting those horrible hats that Olly Murs wears.
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    I agree with most of this. Some of the things mentioned on here are ridiculous though.
    Brogues, Loafers, boat shoes, polos (without the gigantic logos, or the buttoned up to the top look) are all fine.
    Chinos are okay if straight or slim legged. Just because topman starts making retarded ones with cuffed, twister and "arc" looks, that doesn't mean normal chinos are bad.
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    (Original post by Forget that)
    tights under shorts?? i live in tights under shorts, you never know when the weather is going to change!
    I hope at least they're not tiny hotpant-type shorts that seem to be more like underwear made out of denim? Ick. It doesn't look that bad on longer, baggier shorts


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