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Food and Drink: Time to Rate, the Last Thing Ye Ate!

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    (Original post by Direct15)
    Have you tried the non-weight loss version tastes slightly better

    Dominos pizza (spinach,sweetcorn,ham,pineapple ,tomato,feta cheese) I am disgusted at my gluttony -2/10
    Yet to have Tomato soup that isn't Gazpacho that I do like to be honest, I always try different versions again now and then they to see if somehow I'll magically be turned round to them..
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    Tescos Fresh Chicken and Bacon Pasta with some tomato pasta sauce, with some cheddar sprinkled over it. First time I've had pasta in AGES and damn this stuff is good! I used to have the 4 cheese one, but this trumps that by far! Or maybe it was just the pasta delight getting to me 8/10.

    Also had a chocolate sugar waffle. So damn good with its little sugar crystals! 7/10. I shoulda heated it up!

    Mango yoghurt big pot (bought from ASDA). Tasted just like mangos and it was low fat, it was like mango ice cream melted (which is a good thing). 8/10.
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    Waitrose Cafe mince pie.

    PERFECT pastry, so buttery and crumbly. Nice sweet filling, not overfilled.
    9/10 - I'm not going to give it a 10 because..actually, 10/10!
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    ham and cheese toasted panini. was bleugh, normally nice

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    PARTY IN MY MOUTH. :drools:
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    PARTY IN MY MOUTH. :drooling:
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    Honey on toast. Honey had gone hard so I microwaved it and ended up Accidentally adding wayyy more honey than I meant to onto my buttered toast. So not a bad thing. 9/10. Simple but SO good. It's been a while since I've had toast.
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    Sugar puffs 6/10 :P
    Cup of tea 10/10 :P

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    Golden Syrup Weetabix, in cold milk, plain - 5/10. Sadly disappointing.

    Reeces Pieces - first time ever tried. Not as good as PB M&M's but as UK available alternatives, not bad at all - 7/10
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    Good flavour but woahhhh spicy. The bf would be loving it but I can't handle the spice, especially when eating the whole 150g bag in one go, as you obviously would. Addictive but somewhat painful. 7/10
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    (Original post by TotoMimo)

    I posted the full review and rating at "Toto Eats the World", but I can't post links due to being a DIRTY SPAMHOG.
    Can I just say, I've just seen your reciew site and it's AMAZING!
    you have such a great way of writing the reviews,

    Love hearts 6/10 not enough pink/white ones but otherwise pretty standard fare.
    Drink Cuppa Tea 7/10
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    Swag, I'm superduper flattered!

    *humbly bows*
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    Orange polenta cake at my local Tea rooms. Lovely! 8.5/10
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    Honeycomb flavour Club biscuit

    Lovely balance of crunchy biscuit base, milk chocolate and honeycomb softness. Flavour was slightly too artificial for my liking, but what can you expect from a mass produced biscuit!?

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    Beetroot with a dash of vinegar and sprinkle of rock salt. Magic. 9 out of 10. Didn't expect it was just spur of the moment.

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    Lasagne. 9/10

    Why do I love Lasagne but hate spag bol when the ingredients are so similar?
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    Because of..BECHAMEL magic
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    'Oriental Rice Balls Snack Pack Sushi' i.e veggie sushi from M&S
    A disappointing 5/10 i think. I was hoping to make veggie sushi a regular occurrence in my diet, and i love the way the come in little balls however, upon tasting these curious little creations i don't think i'll be having any more... 2 of the 4 varieties were perfectly edible but the remaining rice balls don't agree with my taste buds at all, making it only 50% satisfactory.
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    Special K cereal bar, chocolate and Raspberry. 8/10. In my top 10 of cereal bars. That familiar and nice Special K cereal bar oat formation, with additional dried raspberries pieces which gave a great aroma and taste but the texture was a little "stick in your teeth" - the chocolate coated bottom was darker than the regular milk chocolate bar and this gave a really nice flavour and contrasted the fruit addition well.
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    10/10 chicken curry, chips, lots of peas and onions, boiled rice, prawn crackers..
    Chinese food is amazing.

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