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Food and Drink: Time to Rate, the Last Thing Ye Ate!

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    Hotel Chocolat petit desserts collection.

    There were 4; Chocolate mousse, Creme brulee, strawberry trifle and tiramasu. So far I've had the first two. The chocolate mousse was very nice, though, for what I was expecting for the £6 box for 4 little chocolates, it was slightly disappointing. I guess I expected a chocolate that tasted super creamy and indulgent like lindtt..but it was more like Thorntons. It had quite a sugary taste too it too, but that's me being overly fussy. As I loved it and the chocolate soft filling was mind-blowing. The creme brulee on the other hand, I have NO complaints. I've never eaten a creme brulee dessert so I didn't know what to expect, but I so WANT to eat one now if this chocolate is anything to go by. I loved the contrast of textures, the mix of chocolate flavours, that sugary crunch on the top and the almost toffee notes to the filling but then taken over by the soft, sweet smooth melty chocolate bottom.

    CM: 7/10
    CB: 10/10
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    Just had my first piece of Stollen of the year. What with Xmas now starting in like JULY, I'm surprised I hadn't found some before. Tesco do little stollen bites which I LOVE but haven't yet found them. Anyway, this was a stollen cake/loaf found in Sainsburys. It was nice; sugary, marzipany, fruity and cakey, but it just wasn't what I'd craved. I wanted more fruit and marzipan to cake ratio. And small bite sized ones. The loaf just wasn't up to scratch. Not the same quality. Not the same yumminess. 6/10.

    Halva. My mum put some in with my uni stuff because I'd mentioned it was quite nice when she let me have some of hers. For anyone that doesn't know what halva is,
    It's like a sesame seed thing, often with pistachios in, the texture is quite grainy and heavy. It was nice, the addition of pistachios was nice, but after one tiny block I had my fill of it... It isn't something I'd say I'd buy myself, or ask for really. If someone had some I might have some but it's just a bit... Meh. I'd far rather have some nuts or chocolate or a cereal bar or something. 5/10. It's ok, tasty and all, but if I'm snacking I want something that lasts a bit longer, or something I can pick at without getting sick of.
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    PB Capt'n Crunch.
    7/10. Nice, but not like WOW. It's not TOO peanut buttery which is nice, and remains crunchy in milk. It's far better than Golden Nuggets, but I'll still have Frosted Wheats as my regular, even if I didn't have to import PB.CC.
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    Wholewheat pasta, green pesto, olives, parmesan, black pepper, sweetcorn.

    Well, 10/10 of course!
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    Flapjax chocolate top flapjack
    7/10 fairly nice and pretty cheap
    Sweetish best with the chocolate or the fruity ones (cherry) but doesnt taste fresh or syrupy for that i would prefer tesco value traybake but overall a pretty good flapjack
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    Finally tried Churros! They were out of chocolate sauce so I had caramel, but damnnnnn they were nice! 9/10. I had two miniature ones, just enough to not be too sickly and still bloody enjoyable!


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