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    I tried Britney Spears.

    I got Justin Bieber :bigsmile:
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    Frickin weird!!
    it guessed;
    Phil Mitchell
    Michael Mcintyre &
    Billie Joe!

    Edit:...Ahhh just defeated it with Rivers Cuomo
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    Doesn't work if you think of people who are popular, just not as well known. I thought of Tiff Needell and it told me I was thinking of Jeremy Clarkson.

    <3 x
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    Q19: Is your character a member of Arctic Monkeys?
    A: Yes
    Q20: Is your character a pony?

    What the ****...
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    I beat him first time with Joe 90.

    He's on a run now though and managed to guess Ivor the Engine, Megabyte from Reboot, and Parsley the Lion from The Herbs (although he did get it wrong first time and I played on).

    Now attempting Will Cwac Cwac...

    Beat him :cool:
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    Trust Akinator to find Kony. He found Madeline McCann too.
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    It guessed Nicki Minaj twice, just 'cause Super Bass was stuck in my head! This is so much fun!
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    Adam Deacon, correct and
    WOW. I can't believe it got Skepta.
  9. Offline

    Its actually surprisingly good. Although it didn't get Chief Tyrol.
  10. Offline

    18 question for Mr. Darcy
  11. Offline

    28 questions and one mistake for Beauty OMG love this game!
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    He got Major General Marriott after a second try. I was surprised.
  13. Offline

    It got Humbert Humbert in like 10 questions. Mind=blown
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    It just got the mouse with a penis attached to it from south park! :eek:
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    How the hell does it guess right every time? Freaky stuff.

    Spoke too soon, took 2 tries and 30 questions to get serj tankian.
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    45 questions to get Damien Moloney from Being Human, after guessing wrong 4 times. I guess after that many questions it's bound to get it right eventually, mwah ha.
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    Got Marlon Brando in 18 questions!
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    I picked Barrack Obama, but upon guessing correctly after 8 answers as expected, I decided to try screwing with it and said it was wrong. The following guesses were real gems;

    We had "Brock Obama"

    and "The Anti-Christ, Prince of Darkness" (No image attached)

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    He's got all of them right except one, but that 1 time I picked a fictional character from a very obscure, under-rated anime movie.

    He picked Max Payne right in only 9 questions :eek:

    It took him 35 questions to get Eli Roth
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    Lmao I was thinking of Jesus, and then he asked 'is your character the son of god', said yes, next question was related to big brother!


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