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    It got Stalin and Feynman.
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    OH MY GOD. I was thinking of a semi-famous transvestite from a tiny European country and it guessed it. I am stunned.
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    A-ha! Beaten by the often forgotten obscure character Sonya Gomez from that one time in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Although it's only a small win due to the embarassment I feel for actually remembering that nugget of info...
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    It guessed Humbert Humbert but not Pnin...
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    Its about to get me I can tell (I thinking jay from inbetweeners)

    Does your character have a sister?
    Does your character wear glasses ?
    Is your character in Love?

    edit is your character a sex maniac? Its got me pegged
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    I was thinking Jensen Ackles....he told me it was Moulder(sp?) from X Files.

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    He guessed the Go Compare Man in 13
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    Didn't get mine but I was being quite out there with my choice.

    Was thinking of Corporal Lituma from Vargas Llosa's Death in the Andes
    He came up with someone from Hunger Games, someone from Gravity's Rainbow and someone from Son of a Witch before he said I had defeated him!
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    I thought of Keith Vaz and it got it!
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    he got Danny Dyer! lol
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    Took 2 guesses to get Solid Snake. Then tried it with Gob Bluth in mind and it got it shockingly fast and with rather vague questions. Amazing!
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    **** yeah, it didn't get Johnny Durham...can go to bed now!
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    Got Hayley Williams in 8. Not bad.
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    Akinator is scary. If the Chinese ever manage to fit that level of AI sophistication into a battle robot, then the Western world is f***ed
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    And now he guessed Barney right but showed me one creepy *** picture of him D:

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    thought joel mchale, he said seth green :|

    then he said joey lawrence :|

    then corey monteith :|

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    It got The Mother from How I Met Your Mother, this pleases me... okay now I'll sleep
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    I downloaded it a while ago, it even got some barely-famous person who was in my class at school who is now in a girlband! So impressed by it.
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    (Original post by mackemforever)
    You should try doing it with completely obscure footballers. It just got Ravel Morrison in about 40 questions (18 year old in the Man Utd reserves).

    Yay, it didn't get Marnick Vermijl.

    Also didn't get Simon Vukčević.

    This thing sucks!
    The cheeky git managed to get David Obua, the Ugandan midfielder...how?!!?
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    (Original post by J0kerman2)
    Akinator is scary. If the Chinese ever manage to fit that level of AI sophistication into a battle robot, then the Western world is f***ed
    lol exactly!


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