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Things that make you feel old

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    Body hair :sadnod:
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    When I went to a club last weekend and I saw everyone infront of me was being asked for ID, so I got mine out and when I got to the front the bouncer didn't even look at it and said "I wasn't going to ask you anyway".
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    (Original post by confuzzled92)
    Body hair :sadnod:

    Hair that comes out of the nose and ears...
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    When I see people getting ID'ed who look about 15 years old, and they have ID, and they are like 19/20!
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    My friends having children :O

    Oh and I found some of those black-jack/fruit salad sweets in Tescos. That made me feel my age, havn't seen them in years!
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    Hahaha I love this post. Being 21 at the moment, it's usually the "latest discussion" topics on the right that makes me feel old. Especially topics like:

    - Do I suit long/shorter hair and what would you recommend?
    - Do you stare at boobs (Like, seriously guys? )
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    (Original post by RHCPfan)

    literally thought I was the don when I had a minidisc player

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    when surly stroppy teenagers look at you in askance when you say they are a 'Kevin' but their parents laugh ....


    (as in Harry enfield's 'Kevin the teenager' for all the kiddies )

    *exhalatory grunt * It's soooo unfair !
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    lol its even worse with the ID thing when loads of other people are getting IDeed, then they dont ask for yours!! i like it cos it saves time, but also makes me feel old. also being able to grow a beard makes me feel old lol
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    When I find myself moaning about 'grown up' things like gas prices, unemployment rates and the NHS.
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    when I see people who were like 3/4 school years below me who have just turned 18 out in town
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    All the new **** cartoons on Cartoon Network that my cousin watches. :unimpressed:

    We just had it so much better!
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    Younger people.

    Being told I 'don't get it' by teenagers, or that I can't possibly relate to them or understand how awful their life/parents/friends are. You know what? **** you all. We've all been there and the only reason you think us adults can't relate to you is because we grew the hell up and realised that our teenage woes were superficial and a product of our biology. Of course you've had it worse and are of deeper mind and purer soul than anyone else ever. Of course.

    When people don't know what certain things are (Walkmans, cassette tapes, VHS, floppy disks).

    When people don't know about or remember things that happened in my life, such as the first Gulf war or the Kosovo crisis.

    When people say my music or film tastes are for 'old' people.

    Seeing people who are 30-40 and realising they are closer to my age than my parents'.

    Realising I am over half way to 40.

    Remembering my own mortality.

    Ugh. Existential crisis coming on ...
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    When you see kids leaving school and you realise its nearly half a decade since you left.
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    It seems like my oyster card keeps expiring too fast
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    That my old toys are selling as "vintage/retro" on eBay..
    When people don't know how to record from the TV/radio to a casette (I used to record songs from Smash Hits TV so I could listen to them on my tape-walkman!)
    When people don't know what Sweater Shop Sweaters are!
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    Also when the new TRON legacy movie came out, I watched the old one and realised how fast things have changed in 28 years.

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    (Original post by unicornsoncrack)
    literally thought I was the don when I had a minidisc player

    Ahh minidisc. Never really took off. They were pretty nifty those portable minidisc players.
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    (Original post by deltabomber)
    I hate reminiscing. Oh, do remember the spice girls

    (Original post by Jack Dolan)
    My sister doesn't know who S Club 7 are...
    Thats another thing that gets me people with no knowledge/little recognition of bands/music that defined my childhood. Out of interest how old is your sister?

    (Original post by cole93)
    I'm nearly 18 and i talk to my nephew who is 5 and tell him about the game boy colour that i have and he thinks i'm crazy
    People younger/similar age than me saying they have nephews/nieces let alone children of their own.
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    (Original post by deltabomber)
    I hate reminiscing. Oh, do remember the spice girls and princess diana and when will smith didnt to the same film genre over and over again but sang that addictive tune..."Now, this is the story all about how/My life got flipped-turned upside down/And I'd like to take a minute/Just sit right there/I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air...or do you remember when you played on the nintendo Super Famicom or game boy

    Fresh Prince ****ing sucks.

    And what do you mean same genre? He's done sci-fi, action, drama, sports and comedy stuff.

    edit: evidently 6 people are tasteless *****. ;p

    edit2: 16.

    This thread is starting to make me feel old.

    edit3: 29. This is getting impressive.

    will keep editing till this is the most hated post on the forum.

    You bunch of tasteless c u n t s.


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Updated: September 10, 2012
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