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The UCAS 2012 Decision Thread

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    Application sent: 08/02/2012
    Uni: Edinburgh
    Course: International Business
    Decision [Offer/Rejection]: Unconditional
    Offer Grades: -
    Date Offer Received: 17/02/2012
    Reaction: Very excited! Edinburgh is an amazing city, and I am very fortunate to have it as an option
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    UCAS sent 15th Jan :')

    Nottingham University
    Really pleased, most probably my firm.
    University of Manchester
    300 points
    Definatly my insurance.
    Thought that the entry points/offer was too high for the University.
    Still waiting ...
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    Application sent: 08th Oct
    Uni: Warwick University
    Course:Law with a year abroad in English
    Decision [Offer/Rejection]:Offer
    Offer Grades:AAAD / AAAc
    Date Offer Received:20th Feb
    Reaction:Paralysed with happiness
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    Application sent: 13th Jan
    Uni: Edinburgh
    Course: Ancient History and Classical Archaeology
    Decision [Offer/Rejection]: Rejection
    Date Offer Received:27th Feb
    Reaction: A bit of a heartbreak. Just a bit. WHY EDINBURGH WHY!??!?!?!?!?
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    Application sent: 15th Nov.
    Uni: Chester
    Course: Adult Nursing.
    Decision [Offer/Rejection]: Conditional offer!!!!!
    Date Offer Received: 27th Feb
    Offer grades: BBC
    Reaction: WOOO! First offer! Bit scared, I was expecting a CCC offer, but I guess BBC isn't too bad.
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    Application sent: 12-01-13
    Uni: Glasgow
    Course: Sociology
    Decision [Offer/Rejection]:Offer
    Offer Grades: 80% from four exams or 85% from three exams and IELTS 6,5 with no sub-set lower than 6
    Date Offer Received: 12-02-23
    Reaction: Oh well, that's nice (considering, that I got rejection from Edinburgh firstly), but still waiting for Aberdeen
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    Application sent: 5th December
    Uni: Glasgow Caledonian
    Course: Human Nutrition & Dietetics
    Decision [Offer/Rejection]: uconditional
    Offer Grades: -
    Date Offer Received: 27th February
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    Application sent: 14th October
    Uni: University of Bristol
    Course: Zoology/Biology
    Decision [Offer/Rejection]: Conditional
    Offer Grades: DDD at Extended Diploma and Grade C at GCSE maths retake
    Date Offer Received: 28th February
    Reaction: OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD. I honestly hugged strangers who were luckily lovely and jumped with me. I then cried in the toilet as I was doing Maths revision at college.

    I left school at 14, have no science GCSEs and failed Maths but am retaking and on track for A*.. so to have got to this point is amazing, and it feels so much better because I have worked so hard to get here. I now feel like I can take over the world and this is by far the best day of my life and the greatest news ever. I am ecstatic and unbelievably grateful! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
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    Application sent: 28th November
    Uni: UWE
    Course: Healthcare Science (Life Sciences)
    Decision [Offer/Rejection]: Unconditional
    Date Offer Received: 28th February
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    Application sent: 21 Sept
    Uni: Royal Holloway
    Course: Management with Market
    Decision [Offer/Rejection]: Conditional Offer
    Offer Grades: AAB
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    Application sent: 15th October
    University: Edinburgh
    Course: Law
    Decision: Unconditional offer
    Reaction: very pleased the last of my 5 offers and I now have 5 unconditionals which after last years train wreck of a ucas application feels pretty amazing!
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    Application sent: 11th October
    Uni: University of Warwick
    Course: MMORSE
    Decision [Offer/Rejection]: Conditional
    Offer Grades: A*(M)AA, or AAA + Merit in AEA Mathematics.
    Date Offer Received: 29th February
    Reaction: Screaming! Couldn't believe it. After not being interviewed, and seeing people get interviewed for the past 4 months, when I got the email I was sure it was going to be a rejection. Didn't believe the UCAS app on my phone, so quickly logged on to the computer.. and it was still there :sexface:. Best day ever!!!!!!!
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    Application sent: 26th September
    Uni: Manchester
    Course: Speech and Language Therapy
    Decision [Offer/Rejection]: Conditional
    Offer Grades: AAB
    Date Offer Received: 29th February
    Reaction: so excited and relieved to have all my offers back! Feels weird to not be waiting anxiously for emails anymore.
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    Application sent: 11-Jan-2012
    Uni: Edinburgh
    Course: Religious Studies
    Decision [Offer/Rejection]: Conditional
    Offer Grades: Obtain Diploma de Bacalaureat (Romania) with 9.0 in three written subjects and overall average score of 8.8
    Date Offer Received: 29th February
    Reaction: Very very happy. Edinburgh is my firm, although the offer is a bit confusing: there are only three subjects in a Bacalaureat; Edinburgh asks for 9 in each subject and an overall average of 8.8?! I will address to clarify the situation. YAY!
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    Application sent: 24th February (UCAS Extra)
    Uni: Bangor
    Course: Creative Studies
    Decision [Offer/Rejection]: Conditional offer
    Offer Grades: 260 points
    Date Offer Received: 29/02/12, 7:30pm
    Reaction: There was much screaming and dancing and happiness :dance: :banana:
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    Application sent: 01/01/2012
    Uni: London College of Communication
    Course: Media & Cultural studies
    Decision [Offer/Rejection]: Conditional
    Date Offer Received: 25/02/2012

    Application sent: 01/01/2012
    Uni: Goldsmiths
    Course: Media & Communication
    Decision [Offer/Rejection]: Conditional
    Date Offer Received: 01/03/2012

    So the question is GOLDSMITHS OR LCC??? Help!!!
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    Application sent: 20th October
    Uni: Imperial College London
    Course: Biology
    Decision [Offer/Rejection]: Conditional
    Offer Grades: AAA
    Date Offer Received: 1st March
    Reaction: I cried with joy, promptly woke the household up and danced around my room.
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    Application sent: 1st November
    Uni: Stirling
    Course: French and Spanish
    Decision [Offer/Rejection]: Undconditional
    Date Offer Received: 2nd March
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    Application sent: 4sth November
    Uni: Edinburgh
    Course: Law
    Decision [Offer/Rejection]: Conditional, B in english!
    Date Offer Received: 28th Feb
    Reaction: Best moment of my life.
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    Application sent: 19th December
    Uni: Strathclyde
    Course: Chemistry with Drug Discovery (F190)
    Decision [Offer/Rejection]: Unconditional offer
    Date Offer Received: 5th March
    Reaction: Chuffed to bits! :woo:

    Bring on September!


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