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Leeds 2012 Applicants Thread

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    Thought I'd make a new thread for this, seeing as there isn't already one

    For everyone applying for 2012 entry or deterring to a 2013 entry.

    Name your course, required grades, predicted grades, desire accommodation and chatter away!

    For me its Graphic and Communication Design. I need BBB and I'm predicted AAB. Clarence Dock looks nice.
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    I want to apply for Politics, required and predicted AAB but my GCSEs stink for such a university. Any help or stories to share?
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    I'm applying for English Language which has an AAB requirement. I'm predicted A*AAAB and my AS Level results were AAABC.

    I liked the look of Charles Morris and Henry Price but I don't have anything set in stone yet! I'm also looking into studying abroad in the United States and extending my degree by a year.

    Hope to get to know a few of you in the future!
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    Applying for Politics at Leeds, need AAB, predicted A*AB, but hopefully I'll be doing access so that will be lowered.
    Undecided on accom. so far!
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    Applying for Medicine at Leeds. Need AAA which is what I got. Hopefully I'm lucky.

    Got the opportunity to visit the campus and just the city a few weeks ago. It just looks amazing. It's got such a good feel about it. It's like, I think studying there would be awesome. And went to James Baillie Park too. Looks like a nice place to live. Very picturesque.
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    I went to the open day on Saturday and fell in love. I've applied for Adult Nursing and would probably give my left foot if they offered me a place.
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    Well, good luck to all of us then! I'm going to be praying REAL hard.
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    Hi, I will be applying for English Language and Literature (entry requirements AAB) not sure about my predicted grades yet but I am sure they will be at least AAB.

    I am undecided about accommodation but on campus and catered are my preference at the moment.

    I loved Leeds from the moment I stepped off the train, I was struck by the city - it seems the sort of place where there is always something going on! The information lecture from the English department confirmed my gut feeling Really, really hoping Leeds are kind with offers this year
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    Hey there,
    So I'm an American applying to the History program.
    I have a 2100 out of 2400 on the SAT and have taken 2 SAT subject tests (biology 720 out of 800 and US history 750 out of 800)
    I've also taken 2 APs (environmental Science 5 out of 5 and US history 5 out of 5)
    I have a 3.9 GPA out of 4.0 and am in advanced/honors classes.
    I'm also taking 3 more APs this year (European History, US Government and Psychology and I'm predicited to get 5s on all of them)

    I hope I have a chance.
    For Accomodation I really like
    Devonshire, Ellerslie, and Lyddon.

    Hopefully I'll see all of you there next fall!
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    Course: French & Arabic RR16
    Required grades: ABB
    Predicted grades: A*AA

    Failed to find anyone at all doing my course so far - ANYBODY out there?
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    Course: English Lit and Lang (Q300)
    Required grades:AAB
    Predicted Grades: A*AA

    This will be my insurance (hopefully), haven't looked at Accomodation much. (make that at all)
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    Course: English Language and Literature
    Required Grades: AAB
    Predicted Grades: A*AA

    Leeds is my insurance choice, but I absolutely loved the look of the English department and the feel of the university as a whole I'm just hoping they make me an offer!
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    (Original post by hannahwhelan)
    Course: English Language and Literature
    Required Grades: AAB
    Predicted Grades: A*AA

    Leeds is my insurance choice, but I absolutely loved the look of the English department and the feel of the university as a whole I'm just hoping they make me an offer!
    Haha! Our posts are so similar!
    Good to possibly meet you!
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    I've applied for two courses

    Medicine, I need AAA
    Biology, I need either AAB or ABB, not sure what the offer will be

    I went on Saturday, and it was amazing! I loved the atmosphere and feel of the place, as well as the courses I will be gutted if I don't get in. Most of the accomodation seems good, so I can't decide what I prefer
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    I'm applying for Information Technology

    I need AAB and I am predicted AAB

    I love the look of Clarence Dock
    Love Leeds so so much <3
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    I got an offer for joint honours chemistry with maths!! But i still have to go up to leeds for the chemistry open day thing...even though I've already seen the chem department...oh well
    Leeds would make my perfect insurance choice aaahhh exciting stuff
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    Course: Maths
    Required grades: AAB/AA
    Predicted grades: AAB

    hopefully firm/insurance
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    Course: Meteorology & Climate
    Required Grades: ABB
    Predicted Grades: AAB

    I went to the open day but didn't have a chance to look at the accomodation, what do others think about it?

    I'm also hoping Leeds will be my Firm
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    If anyone has any questions about Music, especially the BMus or Devonshire halls, feel free to pm me
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    I'm applying for History with a year's study abroad
    Required grade - AAA
    Predicted grades - AAA
    AS Levels - AABC (at the moment, retaking the B and the C was for german so i just don't have the energy to redo that)
    Not sure about what acom yet, haven't visited it because I didn't have time so I'll have a visit if I get an offer!


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