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The "waiting for news is driving me crazy" uberthread 2011-12

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    about two years, cause the london metropolitan messenger pigeon got lost
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    Sent my appliaction off on the 24th of October, got an offer from Liverpool John Moores on the 25th of October....

    As for the acknowledgements, they varied from first 3 days (LJMU, Cardiff and Queen Mary univeristy of London) to 3 weeks (Oxford Brookes) to Missing In Action (Reading). I dont think all unis send letters out to acknowledge recieving your application
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    (Original post by laauurraa)
    ooh your course sounds interesting, i considered that but then decided to sort of keep my options open and just choose psychology by itself.

    i really really really want to go to UEA ... but i'm hoping for at least 1 acceptance as my grades are a bit below what they want. i haven't been on any open days as im on a gap year in new zealand so it will be a bit of a risk choosing a university - but a risk im prepared to take

    what about you? which is your favourite? and yeah, i only sent mineoff on friday because my reference was slow...i got the form done weeks ago, grr!! i'm obsessively checking my emails often enough as it is and it's only been 3 days (counting the weekend) - ahh!!

    good luck with your application!!
    Yeah I think most if not all of the 1st year stuff is just general psychology so I'm sure if I changed my mind then I could switch. I'm currently doing a BTEC extended diploma in forensic science (I'll be a year late going to uni too because I messed up a year of AS's before going to college) and yeah cos of the black mark on my record with the AS's I thought it would be good to keep it slightly related so I don't look like a crazy person constantly changing my mind lol plus it is really interesting.

    Hmmm.. see to be honest I wouldn't take that risk. Definitely see a few of them after you get offers and before you decide on your 1st choice and insurance.

    Accomodation for instance looks totally different online to how it does when you actually get there and there are often factors that you wouldn't think of.

    At UEL the main thing I didn't like was the distance between the campus and the halls and it didn't feel like a very nice area. I'm applying for it anyway because I like the sound of the course and the entry requirements are low and I'm sure I'd cope with it if I had to lol.

    The other open day I went to was at Southampton solent which shows up terribly on the league tables but it just seemed like such a nice place to go. The lecturers all seemed really dedicated, the students were lovely and I got on with every one I met like straight away. There was a real community feel. The accomodation and the facilities on the other hand were appalling. You wouldn't really expect a university in this day and age to have bad facilities but they really were awful! Really ancient looking computers with dated software etc. But how much would I use those when doing a criminal psychology degree? I have my own laptop for doing work on.

    I still havn't decided which is my favourite one I don't think... portsmouth is the hardest to get into because they want DDM (equivalent to 2 A's and a C) but that's just according to their website, I havn't got an offer yet.

    I think portsmouth probably would tick all the boxes but I've had a lot of problems with my college course and as a result of that I'm doing half of last year's coursework at the moment ontop of this year's. Bearing in mind that there are no exams so it's 3 A levels worth of 100% coursework. Most annoying bit is that it was completely the fault of the college because they failed to provide lecturers. So I'd go in every day and then 9 times out of 10 (literally) be sent home again because there's nobody there to teach me.
    I've done entire units on my own at home when it actually says on the exam board stuff that I was meant to have '60 hours of guided learning' for it lol and this year we have teachers but the college are refusing to write anything about last year in my reference because it will make them look bad! Despite it being a very valid excuse for under achieving!
    Anyway rant over lol basically I'm under quite a lot of pressure as it is so I don't want to add more by letting myself completely fall in love with portsmouth I guess.

    Good luck with your application too!
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    (Original post by Jabberwox)
    You won't need to be doing anything about finance or accommodation for months yet, so you have plenty of time to check out which of your offers you'd like to accept.
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    my brother got his first offer (Manchester) I think an hour and 40 minutes after applying... he got the acknowledgement a few days later haha. This was for a business course though, psychology will probably take longer
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    (Original post by Joey15)
    Has anyone heard yet from Bristol at all? Or York? My only two left waiting. Bristol is killing me inside.
    I have heard from york, got a rejection though
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    I got my acknowledgments the day after I sent my application.
    I got a call to interview from St. Andrews 5 weeks after I sent it. Now, over 8 weeks since I sent it, I've heard nothing back from anywhere else, and won't hear back from St. Andrews until March.

    You think waiting three days is torture? D;
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    I received all of my acknowledgements within three days and UEA gave me an offer within eight days.
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    (Original post by Dbrown18)
    Is it better to check track or your email?
    I think Track, because sometimes the emails can be delayed.
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    Same day, but this was an informal application for an MA not undergrad. I got accepted.
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    (Original post by Dbrown18)
    Is it better to check track or your email?
    email because interviews or open day invitations are not updated on Track. the above poster is right that the update email might be delayed, but it won't be delayed for so long, really.
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    (Original post by hannielou)
    I have heard from york, got a rejection though
    S**t, I'm sorry to hear . What did you apply to do?
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    Phone: Mail!!!!
    Me: :rolleyes: Must be Spam or something. *Opening Mail*
    Send by: UCAS
    Me: :eek:
    Theme of Mail: Find answers online.... blah blah blah

    Oh UCAS, why do you just do this??? :argh:
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    "Inbox (1)"
    "Connect with UCAS
    Find answers online and meet our bloggers at UCAS Connect"
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    They keep the madness going on with those mails.
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    Do the uni's close over the holidays? ie. is there any time the admins won't be working other than christmas etc
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    (Original post by gpostleth)
    Do the uni's close over the holidays? ie. is there any time the admins won't be working other than christmas etc
    Depends on the unis. Last year someone got an offer on christmas eve.
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    Constantly have my hotmail open hoping for an e-mail! Then as always realize it's Amazon or something!
    Only got one interview so far but my application was only sent off on the 2nd.
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    I was accepted by Liverpool John Moores in 3 days after I applied. For Sports Science and Exercise undergrad degree
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    Yes, or no?


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