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The "waiting for news is driving me crazy" uberthread 2011-12

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    Anyone else happy it is monday tomorrow, hoping it might just be THE week? Come onnnnnnnnnnn Bristol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    (Original post by Gales)
    Still waiting on my top 2

    I've applied for French and Spanish, but hopefully if I get an offer from Edinburgh I'd switch to Russian and Spanish, same course as you :awesome:

    What's your first choice?
    Possibly Bristol? I'm not too sure. Is Edinburgh yours?
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    Got my first offer after waiting a month . Now just got to wait for the rest
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    I really hope that this week is going to be my lucky week!! Been waiting for 3months..
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    Got an offer from Southampton Solent today but they put on my offer that I need to achieve the grade QQQ in my course. I don't think the grade QQQ even exists on BTEC so I've got to contact them now.
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    Happy Valentine's, folks!

    I hope yours are filled with more prosperity than mine. (I got "friendzoned" by my crush)

    My wait for offers is over, and I kind of miss it. There isn't this exciting feeling seeing that you've got a (1) on the email icon anymore. Good luck with getting offers for those who haven't, and for the others: choose your firm and insurance wisely.
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    (Original post by JamesBris)
    Applied for Photography related courses mid November.

    Glamorgan - Attended interview, nothing back yet
    Newport - Interview 25th
    Gloucestershire - Interview 31st
    UWE - Herd nothing yet, they seem to be very slow .

    Dud you hear back off Glamorgan? I got an offer for photography from there and would like to know who else has (:
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    Applied for Accounting & Finance on 12th Jan & received all five replies...

    -Durham (Rejection)
    -Newcastle (Conditional)
    -Northumbria (Conditional)
    -Sunderland (Conditional)
    -Teeside (Conditional)
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    Bristol sent me an email about how they have great graduate prospects and I should choose them.

    I do not yet have an offer. :rolleyes:

    Why toy with my emotions after 4 long months?! Sick.of.waiting.
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    Mathematics, sent mid November

    UCL - Unsuccessful 6th Feb
    Durham - waiting
    Bath - waiting
    Bristol - waiting
    Nottingham - Offer 30th Nov
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    Got my second offer today , but still waiting on my other three choices
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    Conditional for my first choice. Need a B in AH Maths

    Think I've finally decided on my order:

    1. Actuarial Science(Heriot Watt) - conditional(B @ Advanced Maths)
    2. Economics(Glasgow)
    3. Economics(Edinburgh)
    4. Economics(Heriot-Watt) - Unconditional
    5. Statistics(Glasgow) - Unconditional

    Although even after these months 2, 3 and 4 are interchangeable.

    I will firm the Actuarial Course and will reject the Stats course.

    Insurance will be an unconditional offer to study economics, haven't decided the institution. Obviously if I get a conditional or rejection from both Edinburgh and Glasgow I'll firm & insure at HW.
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    (Original post by All-in)
    Mathematics, sent mid November

    UCL - Unsuccessful 6th Feb
    Durham - waiting
    Bath - waiting
    Bristol - waiting
    Nottingham - Offer 30th Nov
    Really can't imagine how you must feel, I've just had my second offer and waiting is turning me insane, I'm checking my email every half hour as it is but I only sent my UCAS a few days before the January deadline, to have sent it in November and have only heard back from 2 is absurd!
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    I'm waiting for Extra to open and it's driving me mad!

    I got two conditionals and three auditions and then turned them all down to do midwifery, I've ended up with an illness that isn't going to go away any time soon so now I'm hoping somewhere will let me do English & Creative Writing/Journalism!
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    Got my Leicester offer today! Woop! I have my top 2 and a potential insurance! Just waiting on 2 more now. Gosh, the UCAS process is tiring!
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    same here!!
    sent mine mid november
    nottingham-rejected end of Jan
    exeter-offer beginning of Jan
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    Come on, Scotland. :crossedf:
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    All my interviews are over and done with!
    Here comes the waiting for replies now...
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    Offer from King's for Law (Hons) degree (A*AA) just an hour ago. UCAS has not been updated yet.
    I'm so happy I could die!!!
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