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Edinburgh Applicants Stalking Page 2015 Entry (NO CHAT)

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    Note: If you'd like to chat about applications please see our sticky chat thread here. This thread is for providing application details only.

    These tend to be pretty popular, so here's a ready made thread provided!

    Please use this thread to post your application details and keep us updated. Once offers/rejections start coming through, you can simply return to your post and edit it as necessary. The same goes for offers of accommodation. We've got a template below you can use, but feel free to skip any bits you don't want to share or aren't applicable. For those of you studying for qualifications other than A Levels, Highers etc, please edit as appropriate.

    Accommodation: [when you know]
    A-Level/Advanced Highers etc:
    Grade Predictions:
    Outcome: Accepted/Rejected

    There is also a Wiki page - if you're happy editing wiki articles then feel free to add your details here:

    To get an idea of how this kind of thread is used, feel free to peruse last year's version here.[/QUOTE]

    Username: Rachelc142
    Course: Maths & Physics
    Accommodation: Will be applying for Nicholson St when time arises
    GCSEs: 6As 6A*s
    A Levels: AAAC
    Grade Predictions: A*A*A*
    Outcome: So far only sent my application
    Extras: Applied for direct entry to 2nd year

    Username: mglen
    Course: Computer Science
    Accommodation: N/A
    Standard Grades/Int2s: 111111/AA
    Highers: AAAAB Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, English
    Advanced Highers / Highers this year: Maths, Physics / Computing
    Outcome: Not applied yet
    Extras: CCF, Duke of Edinburgh, Hockey
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    Username: abigailbayram
    Course: Linguistics (possibly Linguistics & Scandinavian Studies, still considering this)
    Accommodation: [when you know] - probably Portsburgh Court if I get an offer
    GCSEs: 7A* 4A
    A-Level/Advanced Highers etc: AS - AAAB
    Grade Predictions: A*AA
    Outcome: Still to apply
    Extras: Ballet, UKMT Team Maths Challenge, etc.

    Username: checkmate14
    Course: Mathematics (for a Masters)
    Accommodation: Not a clue
    GCSEs: 9A*s, 4As
    A-Level/Advanced Highers etc: 5As at AS including General Studies
    Grade Predictions: A* A* A* A
    Outcome: Currently holding conditional offer at A*AA
    Extras: Applied for second year entry

    Username: nanceheh
    Course: Economics
    Accommodation: Nup
    GCSEs: 5 A*s 6 As
    A-Level/Advanced Highers etc: IB HL math physics economics SL chemistry english literature chinese language
    Grade Predictions: 43/45 (776/776 + 3)
    Outcome: Applied and waiting :3
    Extras: Piano, duke of edinburgh, ballet, hockey, UKMT, etc.
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    Username: callmethed0ctor
    Course: BSC Mathematics & Statistics
    Accommodation: Will be applying for Blackfriars
    GCSEs: 7A*, 10A, 1B, 1C
    A-Level/Advanced Highers etc: AS Grades - AAAB in Maths, Biology, English Literature and Chemistry (B)
    Grade Predictions: A*A*A in Maths, Biology & Literature
    Outcome: Sending off application today.
    Extras: Applying for first year entry. Also completing AS Further Mathematics independently

    Good luck everyone!


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Updated: October 20, 2014
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