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The "I've applied to Edinburgh for 2012 entry" chat thread

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    Do you know, if they'll take you in even though you can't fulfil their conditions?
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    (Original post by Fox in the snow)
    Got a rejection today for Economics. I hold an IB diploma of 39 points with 666 at HL from the May 2010 session. Unfortunately, I only had Mathematics SL, so that most likely was the problem. Anyway, I'm quite annoyed. Not so much because of the rejection but rather because this endless waiting process had persuaded me into a fair amount of wishful thinking that I would be very likely to receive an offer...

    But I wasn't. Oh well. Glasgow it is, then.

    Good luck to everyone else still waiting!
    That's really strange o.O I also took the IB and math at standard level and received an offer for 35 points (I got a 6 in math SL) but yeah... Glasgow is also a really good university
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    (Original post by leahelena)
    That's really strange o.O I also took the IB and math at standard level and received an offer for 35 points (I got a 6 in math SL) but yeah... Glasgow is also a really good university
    I got a 6 as well. I also had a 6 in Economics HL and an A in my Economics extended essay. I hardly had any contextual factors, though. I just mentioned financial problems in my PS which prevented me from starting my studies 2 years ago. I'm also not from Scotland if that counts for anything.

    Anyway, I have overcome my initial anger and hope that it will turn out for the best.
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    (Original post by sammac_)
    What was wrong with my thread mod?:confused:

    I merged your thread into this one for the moment as in the uni forums we try to stay away from subject specific threads as they often appear in the university course forums rather than the university specific forums. If there's loads and loads of subject specific threads we've found in the past that applicant questions tend to go unanswered because other applicants and also current students don't actually check/read the threads unless it directly applies to them. If we have a thread where everyone is "welcomed" it results in more questions being answered and better support given.... and it also means that people don't restrict their "TSR uni friends" to the people who are doing the same subject as them.

    If you want you can start a thread (which you keep updated) which includes the details of everyone who has accepted an offer for Edinburgh and their subject as that would be really useful; but we don't really need an individual thread for every single subject because there's usually very little traffic in each individual one because there's only a handful of applicants. I haven't started one yet as I don't have the time to update the OP and it makes sense for someone else to take ownership of it as I can edit all of the posts anyway as a mod.
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    For chemistry, 1st year entry?
    As much as I would love to make a list of everyone who's posted here and their subject and details, I don't have the time. I could make a Chemistry thread and write a list of everyone who posts there...;p

    If allowed, I would keep that old thread going -with a list of names and details of chemistry applicants- obviously I can see why it would be locked if it's dead. I don't see why having a thread like that is going to cause a problem, do they happen often? Am I going to start a trend if it's left to fester?

    I do appreciate though that this is a forum and mods have to do these things to stop it getting out of hand, however I can but ask. Thanks for the explanation and sorry to pester you.

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    (Original post by oxymoronic)
    In general, is it possible to change UCAS replies after say a month for a valid reason. Say for example, a university has been declined - is it possible to firm it after a while? If yes, what is the procedure? any positive experiences on that front? THere are not many thread in TSR on this..

    Thank you.
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    (Original post by DenyLeGrand)
    How come some people get offers like BBB or 34 in the IB and others get rejected with 39 points?

    As far as I know the best you can get in England is A*A*A*, while the best in Germany is a 1,0. I had a 1,2, which would be the equivalent of A*AA, and I was initially told that my application was "not quite good enough". I only got an offer because someone else declined.

    No disrespect to those who hold offers like BBB! I am just a little confused about the selection process.
    A lot of factors influence their decision. Firstly, it's a well known fact that all overseas students are pretty much guaranteed an offer if they meet the minimum entry requirements. Then come all those things like your personal statement, references, GCSE's, etc.

    Also keep in mind that while people might have offers of 34, it doesn't mean our predicted was the same. My predicted, for example, was 38, but my offer is 34. I applied for English lit and my application showed off all my English literature- related extracurricular stuff and training in the Arts, so yeah. At first I thought Edinburgh would be aiming too high, and my college adviser said, 'They might reject you or they might give you an offer of 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, or 41.'

    So yeah, it depends on how strong your application is overall, I guess. I've heard of people who got rejected from Edinburgh and but got into Oxbridge- it's confusing, yes, but I suppose the only conclusion one can come to is that admission tutors are all human and they all have their own ideals of a good applicant.
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    Right, so I've been seeing these threads for other universities but there wasn't one for Edinburgh so I thought I'd create one

    It'll be nice to know people before I actually get there, so I'll start: I've firmed it for English literature and my offer is conditional, 34 IB points. I applied rather randomly for accommodation to Hermit's Croft and Darroch Court.

    So who all's firming Edinburgh for September 2012 then? What course, conditions, etc, and for the conditional offer holders like me, how're you all coping with the exam stress?
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    I've firmed for French, Spanish & EU Studies
    conditional BBB offer excluding General Studies,
    accomodation...I'm going to apply for Beaverbank, and possibly Chancellor's Court and John Burnett

    exam stress is quite low...for now first exam on Monday for French :eek:
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    I've unconditionally firmed Business Studies and Accounting! Can't wait to get started.

    I've applied for accommodation at Nicolson Street, College Wynd and South Clerk Street.

    I'm honestly buzzing for September, roll on Freshers!
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    I have a conditional offer for French and Russian (BBB A levels). Did everyone have to send them copies/proof of their qualifications? And I am yet to decide on accommodation but I'm going for something non-catered for!
    Pressure's on!
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    Firmed my unconditional for Geology.

    Yeah they asked for copies of my gcse's, havn't sent them yet.
    Can't remember which accommodations I applied for (all self-catered), but I'm going to reapply anyway because I forgot to add some special thing they need to take into consideration.

    Really can't wait for September. Wonder how many people there will be from England, less than previous years I think....
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    Hi everyone! I firmed my Conditional to linguistics last week. I just need to finish my Associate's degree with a 3.0 our 4.0 GPA, which is what it looks like it will be anyway! <3
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    Hmmm, I haven't sent in copies of my IGCSE's yet. We still have time to do that, right? I wasn't sure what they meant by 'qualifications'- academically I can only think of IGCSE but otherwise there's all those Art and Music certificates... I'm guessing they don't mean those?

    Oh, I hate all you unconditional offer holders! So jealous! Fingers crossed, see you guys in September
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    I have to wait until May to send them my qualifications! I have to graduate and get official transcripts that show my completed Associate's degree, so just a few more weeks... it hardly seems like a long time to wait after waiting from November until April to hear back! Hahaha.
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    I've firmed my unconditional for medicine! Not sure exactly which halls I'm going for but they will definitely be catered!

    Roll on September! The next few months are going to take so long to pass!
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    (Original post by saachi)
    Hmmm, I haven't sent in copies of my IGCSE's yet. We still have time to do that, right? I wasn't sure what they meant by 'qualifications'- academically I can only think of IGCSE but otherwise there's all those Art and Music certificates... I'm guessing they don't mean those?

    Oh, I hate all you unconditional offer holders! So jealous! Fingers crossed, see you guys in September
    I think you have right up until the UCAS deadline of around mid-August (: If you have any AS(or equivalent) results from last year you can request to have copies of them early from your school. What are you planning on studying?
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    (Original post by sammac_)
    For chemistry, 1st year entry?

    Yes for 1st year Chemistry MChem. They said you need 4 A's at higher and I only have 3 and a B at maths - so admissions said if they made me an offer it would be to get a B in AH Maths. I did speak to Dr Henderson as well and he told me I should take AH Maths as I wouldn't get in without it.
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    I had AAABB but an A in maths and Chemistry.
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    I got an offer for arabic under the circumstance of AAA.

    Two questions,
    1: I want to transfer to Chinese, can I do this once I have enrolled?
    2: Realistic-ly, I think im going to get AAB. Do you think they would still accept me???

    Congrats to everyone who got an offer and want to go


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