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Do you regret any of your GCSE options?

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    I wish I'd been more forceful and did GCSE French instead of BTEC Music, which I hated (our school forced us to do one BTEC ). Ah well. Hopefully I can make up for that.
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    My sister regrets taking art, bless her, she comes home and slaves away on some obscure art piece and it ends up looking like ****. She is certainly not an artist.
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    I'm all the way in Uni now, but I still regret GCSE French. I never liked learning a language, but I went along with it because my family expected me to. Got a Grade C overall (dragged down hard by the speaking part) but it was a waste of an option to be honest. Should've gone for another Technology based course and got a better grade, or at least an enjoyable three years.
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    I wish I had taken RS instead of music I'm doing RS at A-level now and absolutely love it.
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    Definitely regret DiDA the most. Ugh. Wasted two years doing that piece of crap for a qualification that isn't even looked at by universities. Food tech...well I enjoyed it but I wish it wasn't a BTEC.
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    French french french.
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    Yep I took triple science because my teachers said i would do well, but it is a killer subject, doing applied science now and trying to do the practice papers is as hard as getting blood from a stone (i think that is the right saying) also in my school language and IT is compulsary and i absolutely hate them :'(
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    One side of me wants to sing 'Ne je ne regrette rien' but probably economics, because it's so hard to get an A* with the boudaries and I only scraped an A! Also, possibly music because I did too much work for the coursework and not enough for the exam letting my grade go down
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    ICT wasn't great. I had 3 more lessons as week of it than everyone else but I ended up with exactly the same value qualification. There wasn't much else I could have taken though. I'm not creative or sporty, and I'd already taken History, Geography, French and German
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    Yes. Art and D&T: Product Design. Both very time consuming and I realise now I had no interest in them.
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    Design & technology.

    Awful. Just awful.
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    I don't actually, I regret one of my AS choices far more.

    I chose History, Spanish and Drama alongside English Lang, English Lit, Maths, Triple Science and Religious Studies.
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    Yes, I regret doing textiles GCSE and wish i did food tech instead which is way easier. All my friends who did food tech came out with A's without doing any work whatsoever. Whereas textiles was way too time consuming and for all the effort i put in i came out with a C probably largely due to the fact the teacher hated my guts. My advise to anyone is don't do BTEC's unless you really want to it because I did health and social care and i bitterly regreted it because it meant I couldn't do french and history.
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    All year 11's come here


    The current year 11 thread :cool:
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    I'm in year 10 -
    History- I love it <3 It's pretty easy and quite interesting (oh and I sit next to my best friend)
    French fast track- Not nearly as hard as I thought it'd be and really fun, we only have a class of 10 people including my two best friends!
    Business studies- Okay I guess but a bit boring sometimes.
    Philosophy- Also love this

    Overall I don't regret any of my options apart from the fact that I didn't do triple science, mainly because ALL of my friends are doing triple even though they have lower grades than me -_- and most people in my class aren't very clever or are really disruptive.
    I also despise IT - so pointless! -_-
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    D.T. I'm sorry, but this is my ONE doss subject and I have more homework for this than all other subjects put together. The theory is dull and pointless and my teacher is a great guy but an awful teacher.

    It's just too much - add this to compulsory Maths, English Lang, English Lit, Spanish, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and my other options - Geography, further Maths and History. I just want something EASY!

    It may not be the same for everyone though, I do IGCSE, which (I believe) is not exactly the same course, although correct me if I am wrong.
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    Not at all. My school's advice was sound when it came to GCSE options (and later for A levels too) so I ended up taking a prefect combination of subjects for just about anything I could wish to pursue in the future.
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    Absolutely. The two I regret most are leisure and tourism and ICT. I only picked leisure and tourism because I was told we got to learn about football stadiums (I was young and naive when I picked my choices). I basically spent two years in the easiest, most patronising course imaginable. I should of done something like history really, especially as i'm now at Uni studying it at degree level!
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    Design Technology- the coursework was so much work, and ate up the time for my other subjects (though that was probs my fault due to bad time management)- and the exams were ridicullously hard
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    DiDA. Why the f*** did I do that instead of getting a guaranteed A* in RS :facepalm2:


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