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Do you regret any of your GCSE options?

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    I took Spanish but just couldn't do it.
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    Resistant materials, definitely should've taken triple science instead, now I get the forced Double Science with the crap teachers since all the good ones teach Triple -.-
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    Really regret choosing Business Studies. And the worst thing about it is that it's a BTEC, so nothing to do with my career plans what so ever. Instead, I could've done History, Geography or an MFL
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    I could say I regretted doing BTEC Art & Design, BTEC Business Studies and GCSE Graphics. But strangely I don't... All these subjects were something completely different for me and at least I can say I achieved an equivalent to 2 Bs in BTEC Art & Desgin and 4A*s in BTEC Business Studies plus a D in GCSE Graphics...

    I'm currently in Year 12 having to teach myself GCSE Geography so I can do it at A-Level... It didn't run because not enough people picked it. So I can't exactly regret not doing it.

    (Sorry for the long reply!)
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    Ugh... I definitely regret taking extra ICT, I knew Core was just primary school level rubbish, but I'd thought I'd learn something new in Option... That's what you get for taking an OCR National. I wish I'd taken extra RS instead, now I don't know if I'll get to do A-level Philosophy. [s]no[\s]
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    I'm not starting my GCSE cources till September, but I think I might end up regretting not taking Graphic Communication. I hope i'm wrong.
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    I regret taking AQA Geography... I cant stress how much that subject bores me.
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    Music and Classics
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    I should have taken Drama, really regret not doing it.
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    I should have taken Drama, really regret not doing it.
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    (Original post by pripyattv)
    I regret taking AQA Geography... I cant stress how much that subject bores me.
    I love Geography and it so easy-I got 100% for my 1st unit.
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    No.... No one will care about your GCSE options or what you did when your older.
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    I regret picking a Diploma in Engineering over Triple Science. It's good you get 7 GCSEs from it but I'm more of a science person than engineering guy and so I prefer Science over Engineering
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    (Original post by Chriss95)
    Exactly the same happened to me! xD
    me 2!... how odd?
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    I really regret taking media studies, although I enjoy the subject a lot many of the people taking the subject are just those interested in watching movies.
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    ART ... i messed up my final exam due to deadline stress although i worked so hard throughout 2 years . I persisted in taking it because 3 art teachers told i would get an A*. I was truly devoted and yet i am pretty sure i am getting a C... 5% chance the examiners a nice guy and gives me a B. However its virtually impossible now to get an A/A* that i dreamed of...

    lmao ..It seems that alot of people taking ART here regret it. i feel you...

    I also regret takin business .. its super boring and our teachers a **** ... (captial S) ..i also suck at it. I got a B despite working so hard!

    They both lessened the time i could use to study my subjects that i want to do for A-levels. I want to do the 3 sciences and i am scared that i will not get all A* because of the 2 subjects mentioned above for "FUN".... ha what a joke....

    i wish that i listened to my moms friends....
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    Nope - I'd have liked to do a more exotic subject, but of those offered to me I feel that mine were pretty good EXCEPT:
    Humanities: This is compulsory but the only one I think is sincerely pointless - Geography would have been much better! I chose History, RS, Triple Sci, PE for options and did French afterschool (first exam on Mon 14th!)
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    French- basically had to self teach myself as my teacher had a mental breakdown. Somehow managed to get 1A and 3B's in controlled assessments though:confused:
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    (Original post by Matt_96)
    French- basically had to self teach myself as my teacher had a mental breakdown. Somehow managed to get 1A and 3B's in controlled assessments though:confused:
    I regret taking french too, I really did underestimate the amount of work I had to do.


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Updated: January 7, 2016
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