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Do you regret any of your GCSE options?

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    definetly regret taking Music. In all honesty, one of the worst mistakes of my life.
    Absolutely hate it with a passion.
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    I took Spanish because my mum was insistent on it. I'm going to get a low B or high C :/ and I ignored subjects like IT and Geography which I'm sure I could have got As on instead so yeah I do
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    No, because funnily enough, I chose them myself.
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    Im a*'s across the board

    C in history
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    I regret not taking a language but that GCSE wasn't available (clashed with other options).
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    I wish I'd done Geography instead of DT and Spanish instead of Latin, so that would have give me Triple science, maths, english lang/lit, German, Spanish, History and Spanish, far better in my opinion c:
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    catering. lol wot?
    should have taken history.
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    I chose Art, Geography and D+T Graphic Products. If I'm honest, I would have chosen Media instead of Graphic Products if I could change them because Media is more fun. But, qualifications-wise it wouldn't be the right thing to do, Media is taken by loads of candidates and it's an easy GCSE so it wouldn't be seen as anything special. It would be seen as a 'easy GCSE' by sixth forms, colleges and employers and it's a bit stupid to choose Media over Graphic Products if you want a carrer in Architecture!
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    fine art!
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    Gcse BUSINESS. So ****.
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    IGCSE business- biggest regret.
    so here it goes
    we start off doing EDEXCEL business IGCSE
    then middle of the year we change to CIE business IGCSE with 12 mark questions that are all on finance and really hard questions, calculating the right stuff, who uses the accounts.
    We changed because only 0.5% of the world got A* for edexcel and everyone got Cs last year.

    For those food tech haters- i totally understand your pain, but i myself love food tech coursework its SO easy and its only 60%, though the paper is quite difficult. All questions that are so simple that you never guess them and when you try to you're wrong.
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    ok its the most interesting.
    but when it comes to revising
    IT IS THE WORST THING EVERR. and im taking hl history next yr along with hl eng lita nd food tech fml
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    I'm in year 12 but I seriously regret taking Child Development at GCSE, it was absolute sh*t and not worth the effort at all. I should have taken geography because I was actually really good at it but being my stupid self I decided to pick a subject that my friend was taking so we could be in the same class
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    I regret taking Urdu and not continuing with French, other than that I'm pretty happy with what I took.
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    I thought taking Health and Social Care and History would be awesome.. but now I wish I took food tech and geography. It gets boring after a while :/
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    I regret taking 3 content heavy subjects (history, Geo & R.E) and I envy my friends who took three languages. So much content to learn!

    If you spread out over all of my three content heavy subjects, in total I have 410 pages to learn! (No joke/over-exaggeration - accurate number)!
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    (Original post by Matt_96)
    French- basically had to self teach myself as my teacher had a mental breakdown. Somehow managed to get 1A and 3B's in controlled assessments though:confused:
    This made me laugh so hard you don't even know. Omg, can't breathe!


    Thanks for that!
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    Wish I'd taken Photography or even Food Technology over German, since I'm also doing French ;( Still in Year 10, but it's too late to switch now I was told.
    Wish I'd taken a creative subject, I am quite creative but thought the coursework for Art Graphics was too much and I felt safe choosing academic subjects. Oh well
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    ICT. I regret taking it so much, we had the most awful teacher ever. I got about 90% of my negative comments/detentions because of him. To be honest though, the alternatives weren't that great either (Performing Arts, Media or Art & Design) and I still came out with an A in the end, I have no idea how though, I didn't even go to most of the lessons. >.<
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    Art.....i had no choice though. Fu*****one UMS off an A*......i cried so much (i wouldn't have mind if it was just an A or something but the fact that it was one UMS point off an A* really pis*** me off

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