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Do you regret any of your GCSE options?

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    (Original post by Daniellejo.)
    Could you not have just gone somewhere different to do science a-level if you really wanted to?
    Most sixth forms/colleges specify at least double award science at Gcse to be able to do Bio, Chem or Phy at A level.
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    All my subjects were perfect, apart from maybe history but it was still good.

    Triple Science
    DT - Reistant Materials
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    Because of the structure of our option blocks for GCSE, I had to choose two out of a ghastly array of vile subjects (imo). This meant that I regretted graphics short course and business studies double award in a way, because I really disliked both!
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    (Original post by sam.h)
    Most sixth forms/colleges specify at least double award science at Gcse to be able to do Bio, Chem or Phy at A level.
    Yeah, I deleted that comment after I realised that you said double as well lol, my bad
    At my school it was compulsory for the top sets to double science so I forget that not everyone has 2 gcses in it.
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    Regret French, in hindsight I'd have taken German.:rolleyes:
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    Geography and law but there was nothing i wanted to take other than history, economics and italian (and the cores)
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    And what the hell is DiDA or CiDA?
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    Wish I hadn't done IT and had done triple science. I didn't take physics.

    However! I'm doing it now as I persuaded my school to let me go on and do it for AS
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    I regret taking Music /so/ much. I wish I had of taken German instead. >
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    I definitely regret taking BTEC ICT. I didn't even know it was a BTEC until after I took it, since then it's been too much input for too little output. I don't bother with it much as our teacher's on maternity leave and we have subs every lesson.
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    I'm not doing GCSE's anymore...but I regret that I took Art instead of Classical Civilisation

    I'm taking Classical Civilisation at A level...and I love it!!!

    I like art too but when I did it at GCSE ...it was soooooo much work and I spent lots of time on it but you can't see that in the grade that I got in the end.
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    (Original post by Daniellejo.)
    Yeah, I deleted that comment after I realised that you said double as well lol, my bad
    At my school it was compulsory for the top sets to double science so I forget that not everyone has 2 gcses in it.
    Ah don't worry about it. Yeah really annoying thing was I'm actually quite good at science, my teacher persistently told me how she wished I had done double or triple. Got an A* without any effort :L
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    I don't regret any of them as such, I took all of them with my future career in mind (I'm doing Adult Nursing) and it got where I wanted to be but my school wasn't the greatest and the choices where limited plus you could only take up to 4 subject opitions on top of the complusary subjects but 1 of my choices was the equivalent of two options so I took;

    Compulsary; English, Maths & Sciences
    Options; Additional Science, Sport & Sport Science (which took two options) and Childcare & Development

    I'd have like to have ALSO taken History and Citizenship but if I'd would have to have dropped Additional Science and I needed that more, I just wish my school had better options
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    RS. we watched crap movies for two years. Most boring thing ever.
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    i absolutely regret taking art, i spent sooooo long with all my work and got a C - there is no point of it as its soooo time comsuming
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    I regret not taking history.
    Im not sure which of my options i would have swapped for it- as my options where pretty ok. I probably would have took that instead of french, as french was my least favourite of all my options (though that may have been due to the teacher)
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    Oct national ict

    Waste of ****ibg space, school hyped it up saying you get 2grades, highest being A*A but it's actually distinction plus I didn't even bother putting it for ucas as if that will affect my medicine application :rolleyes:
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    Geography, I chose that over than History mainly due to options textbook saying I'll required to write 2k words essay. Half way into this option and I realised I had to do 2k word essay on geography as well.

    I also then realised I had a crappy teacher for geography and on that reason, I got D in exam and C in coursework totalling up to C. It was lucky escape as all the teacher did was to show me the videos of Natural Plant on iplayer.
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    I regret doing Fine Arts, Textiles and ICT but I loved French and Geography which were my other two options
    We had to choose two arts at GCSE because my school is an art school
    ICT was boring and didn't even count for points when my teacher added them up to get my predicted grades for AS.
    Arts had way too much coursework and I wish I had chosen history, another language like german and something else interesting.
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    Music. So much.


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