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Do you regret any of your GCSE options?

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    yes, i regret taking textiles and physical ed. when i should have taken triple science, stats and something else more academic
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    Meh I hated History and Busines at the end of year 11, History because the only thing mentioned was russia seriously I didn't give a rats ass about russia, meh didn't study didn't care about the exam so got an F.

    Business (Doing a degree in it) managed to get an E because I hated the teacher she didn't teach me anything and then was put for the higher paper.

    Higher paper was after I decided to do what most people on here wouldn't dare to do move from the top sets in year 8 to bottom sets in year 9 because of how it was taught.
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    Je ne regrette rien.

    Honestly, since I'm in Yr 12 now, GCSEs don't even feel like they ever happened.

    I suppose it would have been a little bit better if I took History or Geography for GCSE, since if I apply to a European uni, they'd like to see as much variety as possible and that's the only field I haven't got covered. Then again, I hated them so much that I couldn't have possibly taken them for GCSE, even if right now I got to choose over again. I chose ICT over History and French over Geography. ICT was enjoyable and useful (and at that time I wanted to be a software engineer) and I'm still studying French for A Levels.

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    Creative and media diploma.

    Waste of 2 years and it's practically useless now.
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    Media ! Why , oh why did I pick it :indiff:
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    I regret taking Geography over a Modern Foreign Language. Biggest mistake I made.
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    Media. Why, why... why?
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    history. too many dates... and essays suck.
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    I don't really have any strong regrets, in the grand scheme of things the particular GCSEs I chose mean nothing. Media Studies was pretty dire, I thought I enjoyed it at the time, but looking back I think I definitely would have preferred drama (our school MADE us choose one 'expressive art' subject).
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    i regret taking art so much! i was **** at it and i got so ridiculously stressed that i nearly cried every art lesson. soooo glad it's over
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    I wish I had taken Latin, Chinese or Spanish instead of Classical Civilsation. I got an A for Class Civ but didn't take it on to sixth form, which I would have with Spanish Chinese or Latin, as i hate French but love languages
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    Health and Social Care. Total. Waste. Of. Time.
    Should have done History, would have been much more interesting.
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    I hated History at the time, my teacher never gave me higher than a C on any of the mock papers :rolleyes:

    In the actual exam I got an A, don't know how but I was very happy about this!
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    Instead of History, i wish i did Physics!
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    (Original post by smileyelzz)
    Media ! Why , oh why did I pick it :indiff:
    Exactly what I was going to say, I ended up dropping it half way through year 11, such a waste of time and energy!

    Thinking about it now, all my GCSEs are pointless, I only really need Maths, English & Science and that's purely to get into teaching lol
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    I took English, Maths, Triple Science, French, Media Studies, History, Citizenship. I regret taking Media because of the huge workload! Way too much! The rest of the subjects I am glad I took and enjoy them alot.
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    Was pretty much tricked my by school into taking OCR ICT, they told me it was worth at least 2 (and up to 4) GCSE's, and if I didn't take it I'd have to do some sort of ICT lesson at college. Completely untrue.
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    I chose to do history but for some reason the school made me do health and social care
    I regret not telling my head of year that they changed my options without telling me.
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    I wish I'd done History/Business instead of Geography
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    I reallyyyy wish I'd done history instead of geography more than I can say!!!


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