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Do you regret any of your GCSE options?

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    I did Music, Art and Psychology as my optional subjects..
    At one point I was sure Music was going to be the death of me!!
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    Wish I'd stuck up for myself (and the other girls) and not agreed to take textiles tech instead of graphic design simply because it was considered too cruel and irrelevant to force the boys to swap!
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    Mainly Media, seems like a waste of time, wish I was given the option to do triple science, at least my school did double science in year 10 then biology or physics (I did Physics) in Year 11, so I could still do all three at A-Level :/
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    german. i took french too, and i've regretted choosing the former since day 1
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    Why did I take media?? :facepalm: I wish I'd gone for Product Design instead (
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    Drama, without a doubt. I signed up thinking it'd be a good step up from KS3, and we'd actually be putting on real productions from scripted plays. We've spent 2 years doing freeze-frames! So gutted. :mad:

    There was nothing else I'd really prefer to do instead though - I think the choices were something like IT, art and sociology...!
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    I regret ART, I wouldn't have picked it if I realised how time consuming it was, I use to enjoy it but it became a bit of a chore for most of the two years
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    I really hated GCSE Art. The teacher seemed to think that they were the centre of our studies (I remember when my English class had to take time off timetable for something, and she went nuts, saying that her lesson was more important than English! :/ ). Unfortunately, when we picked our subjects in Year 9, we were only allowed two options. I wanted to take history and French, but the two overlapped... I opted for the former, and in the other block was either business studies or Art... Wow, was I happy when our last ever lesson finished! Art was my lowest grade, too (I got a D, but I got B-A* in everything else)

    Good luck to everyone taking their GCSE's this year.
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    Definitely art. Coursework is HELL and we have the most patronising teacher who's meant to be our "photoshop" teacher when she can't even work it herself... She told us to "click the help button if anyone gets stuck". Kinda defeats the point of having a teacher really
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    (Original post by Tannu123)

    Its pointless.

    I just end up trying to hack the computers so I can unblock the internet filtering :cool:

    Teacher gets annoyed cos im the class clown in some ways.
    And always mucking around with phones
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    I did DiDA triple award - wish I stuck to the double award. I was working on it when I had an exam that day. Hated it!
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    I chose Triple Science, History, ICT and Spanish, in addition to English Lang & Lit, Maths, core Welsh and core RE.

    I regret taking Spanish.

    I didn't want to do it anyway, it's definitely the hardest language (besides Welsh). I wanted to do French but it clashed with Triple Science (which I had to do) so it was between Spanish, Catering, Textiles or ASDAN (I didn't "qualify" for ASDAN).

    I also regret taking ICT, it's sooo boring.
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    Art and Graphics, WHY?
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    I regret A-levels but not GCSEs...
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    Latin. Worst mistake of my life.
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    business studies = LOL
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    I regret taking Photography. Wish I'd done history, but I wasn't much of an essay person then.
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    YES! Food Technology proved to be my most stressful subject when it reeeally wasn't worth the hassle
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    Business Studies :no: But that may be down to the fact that my teacher couldn't control the class and I was the only one from my form doing it. It was basically a 'chilling' class. :rolleyes:
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    I have decided upon 4 options 1 in my Y7 Options-in my school we did one GCSE course from y7 and finished it in y9 to get a full GCSE early.In my Y7 Options I chose German and i'm very pleased i did because all the other subjects were practical and i don't like practical subjects and although i got a lot of homework it was worth it.I have decided my Y9 Options and chose Geography,Extra ICT(Core ICT compulsory) and business ad i'm in Y10 at the moment and pretty happy at my choices.


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