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The Medicine Interview Preparation Megathread 2012 Entry

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    (Original post by IamBeowulf)
    Don't know why people negged this. This is very good advice. Blag, smile and relax and you'll get an offer.
    Thanks man. It's so true! I had three interviews this year and I got three offers. Blag, smile and relax - that's all I did and it worked for me. Alhumdullilah (All praise be to God).

    Obviously you gotta know what to say to the basic medical interview questions, e.g. why med? why not nursing? why this uni, and understand for an ethics question you gotta present both sides of the question and then try and conclude. You also gotta have a decent understanding of health issues in the news and you gotta be able to discuss the things in your ps. If you can do this then you'll be absolutely fine. Just blag it by mentioning buzzwords such as "MDTs, holistic approach, patient confidentiality etc" and ALWAYS make sure you think before you get asked a question and that you answer the question you're asked!

    I wish everyone the best and hopefully everyone on this thread can recieve an offer for medicine. If anybody needs help on anything regarding the UCAS application for medicine then please don't hesitate to PM me.
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    (Original post by praj1)
    i just want to thank EVERYBODY ON HERE! thats replied to my posts, put up with my stupidity and helped me understand bits and bobs!...

    im SO HAPPY at the moment, i got my offer from imperial a few days ago and seriously OWE IT TO YOU LOT!...

    Well done for your offer Everyone is here is always ready to help! I'm glad you're gonna be giving back next year :P
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    (Original post by AkDo)
    Well done for your offer Everyone is here is always ready to help! I'm glad you're gonna be giving back next year :P

    cheers.....definitely will be helping!!!!!
Updated: April 22, 2012
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