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RAF bases in the UK

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    hello all, I recently attended a P2 presentation and was shown a map which listed some of the key bases in the UK

    I have been unable to find this map to review it further anywhere on the internet.
    does anyone here have a copy of the map, or even a full copy of a recent P2 presentation.

    I intend to review each base and know what assets are there so that when I go to my filter interview, and hopefully onto OASC, I'll be more prepared

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    try this,


    its a bit overcrowded, but you can turn different layers off.
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    I did see that already thanks, but as you said, it's really crowded. even when I turn off the layers, there's so many bases there, I'm not sure I can memorise it all.

    the one used in the presentation had maybe 15 bases listed on it, and that includes the ones that're to be closed post budget review. If it comes down to it I'll find out where each aircraft is and recreate the map backwards.

    That's if I have to do that. I'll post it here for other people who may want it too

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    Problem with the googlemap mentioned above is that that lists every flying station ever in the UK, including civilian ones and long-defunct military ones.

    Up to you how you do it. But that's how many bases there are [before base closures].
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    that'll be a great start, thanks guys
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    If you go onto the RAF website it has a full list of air bases with aircraft/sqn info all there.
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    (Original post by startrails)
    If you go onto the RAF website it has a full list of air bases with aircraft/sqn info all there.
    The one thing I will say is that if you use the station summary pages (here) it's worth cross referencing it with the station homepage because some of the information is out of date.

    Thinking about it was it this map?

    Be careful if you use this to revise though as it only shows 1 Group Stations (though you got that from the key didn't you
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    thanks for the help with the maps guys!
    passed my filter interview, felt I coulda done better, but that's what the time til the OASC is for!


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