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the worst football match you can remember seeing

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    what is the worst football match you can remember seeing (in terms of quality and performance) it can be any football match doesn't have to include your team

    my 2 choices are Bolton vs Middlesbrough in 2007 , finished 0-0 , can remember going to the game but cant remember anything about the game , it was that bad and Wigan 1-0 Bolton , just really terrible performance from us , we didnt turn up and deserved to get beaten by 10 men
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    Boro-City. I cant remember what year but I remember it was a 0-0 bore with both teams happy with a point. Was funny seeing my step-dad get insulted for being in the home stand though :lol:
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    notts county 0-1 darlington a few seasons ago.
    unbelievable display of boring hoof ball
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    england vs algeria , 2010 world cup

    it was a snooze fest
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    One weekend when the refs were on strike last season in Scotland, I went to a Hibs - St Johnston game (with a foreign ref) and it was the most boring game you'll ever see, crap quality and it finished 0-0. Oh, also it was freezing and cost a fortune to get in.
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    Man utd vs chelsea fa cup final 2006/07/08 or whenever it was... Decided by some stupid drogba goal in extra time and before that both teams just passed it around did absolutely nothing. Worst final i've ever seen.
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    Slovenia Vs Algeria at the world cup. I watched 86 minutes of that ****, and I have no idea why.
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    Arsenal vs Newcastle first day of the season? Suprised nobody's mentioned this. The only thing that happened in the match was the tussle between Gervinho and Barton.
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    bolton vs villa a few years ago at the reebok. finished 0-0
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    When we (Liverpool) lost on pens to Northampton. Painful. Cheers Roy.
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    the first half of Birmingham vs Leciester today was quite bad
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    Fulham vs Bolton in the last FA cup.
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    In terms of sheer disappointment after buildup, some recent El Clasicos
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    Arsenal (p) 1-1 Rotherham, League Cup 2003-04.

    It was Fabregas' first game for the club.

    That's all I can say about the game.
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    Fc United V barrow afc 2-1 , barrow were scrappy. was just a mess game.
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    City vs. United last season in the league. A cautious appraoch led to a boring 0-0 in what was a highly hyped game. DROSS.
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    (Original post by skeanos)
    Man utd vs chelsea fa cup final 2006/07/08 or whenever it was... Decided by some stupid drogba goal in extra time and before that both teams just passed it around did absolutely nothing. Worst final i've ever seen.
    Yeah, that game definitely springs to mind, remember watching it and thinking how awful it was.
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    All the matches in the 2002 ACoN. That tournament was so cursed the majority of the match were either 1-0 or 0-0.
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    It's a bit of a running joke between me and my mates, but when Birmingham City played Southampton at St Mary's in the 2004/05 season.

    It was the game on TV before Arsenal were at OT to go 50 games unbeaten, and it finished 0-0. I think absolutely nothing happened all game!
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    Blackburn Rovers 0-0 Stoke

    Worst game I've ever witnessed at Ewood or anywhere else.


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