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2012 Students Thread!!

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    Received an offer today for Computer Science
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    (Original post by jpeacock7)
    27th of october was when my uni's received it. Had 3 offers and an interview so far
    ahhhh you are so lucky! i sent mine off on the 31st of october and have had NOTHING D:

    you didn't apply to foundation year by any chance did you?
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    (Original post by MutantGecko)
    ahhhh you are so lucky! i sent mine off on the 31st of october and have had NOTHING D:

    you didn't apply to foundation year by any chance did you?
    Nope just regular! I think it depends I have friends who had 4 offers within a week and others who have sent it off 2 weeks before mine and haven't had anything!! Think it just depends on the course really
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    (Original post by JLW)
    I applied for International Hospitality Management (the Sandwich one)

    Got my conditional offer last week.

    Not sure what to do about accommodation, as i'm hoping to take my boyfriend (not applying to uni)! No idea what to do next! Eek!
    Hey I'm thinking of applying for the International Hospitality Managment course.. the course looks pretty good!
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    I'm currently doing public relations and digital communications management with a foundation year so I will be a fresher again next year andddd I'll be staying in halls (again!) x
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    hopefully doing geography with a foundation yr x
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    Yay! Conditional for Drama and Psychology, 280pts with a B in Drama
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    Just got two conditional offers for business management and business both sandwich courses . I will defo get my grades at college so Looks like i be going manc met after all just got to think about halls now any idea's?
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    Conditional offer for Politics
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    Anyone applying to MMU, I'm studying there at the moment, if there is anything you need to know let me know, currently staying in Cambridge Halls and studying International Consumer Marketing
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    Got a conditional offer for Physical Education and Pedagogy. Looking to stay at Booth Halls.
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    Got a conditional offer to study International Business with a year abroad, hopefully staying at Oxford court or Victoria Hall
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    anyone for Geography or environmental science?
    Ive applied for all 3 geography, BA Bsc and pure geography.

    Ill literally kill my self if they dont accept me, I strongly dislike my current course.
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    Conditional for chemistry
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    Computer Science for me. Sent UCAS off last week.

    Hopefully they'll be nice to me as I'm scouse.
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    Offer for Business management 2012
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    ive recieved a conditional offer for biology which i firmly accepted and cancelled my others as i have already met the conditional! woop.

    cant wait. scary though ill be 24 and quitting work!!
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    I've got a conditional offer for biomedical science
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    Hiya, I've got offers for the Speech and language therapy with psychology and straight SaLT degree courses. Any of you gap year students? Accommodation wise I am thinking Briarfields!
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    Applied for German and Spanish..waiting on an offer still


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Updated: September 13, 2012
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