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2012 Students Thread!!

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    Hello people!!
    Hopefully I be getting into MMU in 2012 to do Business Management and hopefully staying at cambridge halls

    Any way this thread basically is to post what course your doing and just any questions maybe we can help each other and network
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    I hope to do Politics in 2012 at MMU and hopefully stay in Oxford Court
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    I hope to do business management in 2012 Are you thinking about doing the 4 year sandwich course?

    I have no idea about accommodation
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    I've applied to do Drama and Psychology! :awesome:
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    Hey all, thinking of doing the foundation year (boohoo) and then onto Animal Behaviour, curious to know if anyone else is doing this type of course in 2012, would be nice to get a message off you
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    hopefully get onto Creative Music Production and Financial Management
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    Hopefully i'll be going to MMU to study 3D design not staying in halls though :/
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    Hopefully be doing event management don't know what hall yet though!
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    Applied for MChem Chemistry.
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    (Original post by Mayden)
    Hey all, thinking of doing the foundation year (boohoo) and then onto Animal Behaviour, curious to know if anyone else is doing this type of course in 2012, would be nice to get a message off you
    I'm planning on doing the foundation course in Art and Design If i get in that is, and i have no idea how to do that x(
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    I found out that Manchester met does Business Information Tech(Which only a few uni's do as its not a combined honours)so I put that down aswell as business management. Any one know what halls they want to stay at I keep changing my mind from cambridge halls to court road.
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    hey! I'm hopefully doing international fashion marketing with foundation year has anyone had an offer yet?
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    I'm sending Ucas off next week, People please say when you get offers.
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    anyone else doing Economics?
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    I've sent off my UCAS, just waiting now to find out
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    I just got an offer to do biology!
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    I applied for International Hospitality Management (the Sandwich one)

    Got my conditional offer last week.

    Not sure what to do about accommodation, as i'm hoping to take my boyfriend (not applying to uni)! No idea what to do next! Eek!
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    Sent my application off today fingers crossed
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    (Original post by jpeacock7)
    I just got an offer to do biology!
    when did you send off your application?
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    (Original post by MutantGecko)
    when did you send off your application?
    27th of october was when my uni's received it. Had 3 offers and an interview so far


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Updated: September 13, 2012
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