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University of Birmingham Applicants 2012

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    (Original post by tgarrud)
    Got an email today asking about my major subject choices, do you think this means I'll hear a decision soon?

    (natural sciences btw)
    ohh we have both applied for natural sciences in bham as well! (I'm from the Bath forum). I had that email as well and was thinking the same thing. What did you put as your majors?
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    (Original post by ediopia)
    Username: ediopia
    Course: english language
    Same! Where else have you applied?

    EDIT: I may have asked you this in another thread actually :P Nvm.
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    (Original post by stifa)
    Welcome to the University of Birmingham applicants thread for 2012 entry!


    Course: Economics
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    Username: Taylor87
    Course: Child Nursing
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    Username : josieeee
    Course : Natural Sciences
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    Anyone got an offer yet?
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    Username: BryonyRachel
    Course: Psychology

    I got an offer yesterday!
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    (Original post by bryonyrachel)
    Username: BryonyRachel
    Course: Psychology

    I got an offer yesterday!
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    (Original post by bryonyrachel)
    Username: BryonyRachel
    Course: Psychology

    I got an offer yesterday!
    When did you apply?
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    Username: ms93
    Course: Mathematics
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    Has anyone got an offer for law yet?
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    Username: M.Breezy
    Course: biochemistry BSci
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    Got an offer for NatSci today at A*AA
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    Username: Jippet
    Course: Physics and Astrophysics

    Does anyone know how long the Physics department usually take to get back to applicants? I'm so nervous!
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    Username: Newbarbarian
    Course: Law with German

    Sent my application off a week ago, only a confirmation so far, my grades are just about average (which does worry me slightly) but I've got an EPQ and a strong personal statement (according to our sixth form advisory sort of person anyway). Would like to hear from anyone who's got an offer so far
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    Username: PhysicsMan
    Course: Physics
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    Username: yaymeg
    Course: MSci Psychology and Psychological Practice

    Haven't heard anything yet =/ although they emailed me the other day to ask me to confirm my 1st and 2nd preference for work placement...

    There are only 5-9 places, but i decided to apply when I read that if you aren't accepted onto the MSci, you will still be considered for BSc Psychology if you meet the requirements for that... which I do.

    I really want to get in as birmingham's by joint top (with cambridge, but i'm not getting in there). I just love everything about it and i really want to go.
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    anyone going to the applicant day on the 15th of November? (i dunno it if it's only for natsci or for all the sciences )
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    Is anybody going to the applicant day for Chemistry on the 9th November? I got it today and was soooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I just got a letter from Birmingham saying that the Maths department have recommended that the university makes me an offer and that I should receive confirmation of this in the next few days. Does this mean that I have definitely got the offer?


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