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BBC Trainee Journalist Scheme 2011

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    Anyone else applying?

    I got through the first stage and have just completed the online exams. I found them really very difficult despite having practiced for days beforehand and having done very well in the practice. I regard myself as well read with an extensive vocabulary yet many of the words in the verbal reasoning relationship questions I had never come across before!

    As for the personality test, many of them seemed to be trick questions! It was hard to figure out what the optimum answer was in each question so I ended up just being completely truthful- it's not like you can blag a personality anyway, right?

    Really interested in hearing from any other applicants.
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    I remember reading about this scheme months back but completely forgot about it! Is it still open?
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    Yes, I have also applied, and it has closed I’m afraid.

    Glad (sorry) to see someone else found the verbal reasoning difficulty – I have done a fair few in the past as well as the practice and the BBC’s was not anything like them. I was also surprised that I hadn’t come across many of the words that came up too.

    I think it is supposed to challenge you though.

    How long do you think we will be waiting on a response? They tend to get well over a thousand applications .
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    Give us some of these tricky words then!
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    Well they hold assessment days in November, so I should think sometime in the next couple of weeks. Fingers crossed I guess, although I'm working under the assumption that I wont get it!

    It did say at the beginning of the test that it was designed to be hard, so that's something.

    Good luck!

    How did you find the initial application? With creating the news story and reviewing the news at 10?
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    I can't seem to remember any of the words I didn't know! Would be a bit of an oxymoron if I did, or perhaps I'd just have learnt something...
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    Challenging but interesting – it required a fair bit of thought didn’t it? I felt better about it though than the verbal reasoning.
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    It was indeed a very difficult verbal reasoning test, even for me (I might say) as an English graduate. I got an email nearly a month ago saying I'd made it through to the talent pool for BBC North so that's good I guess, but still unsure what happens next. Is it an assessment centre? I just did a month's work experience in London with the BBC so I'm hoping that will help my case.
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    I applied for this, I thought it was all ok, apart from when they gave you two words and you had to find the two words which had the closest relationship. I've never really done verbal reasoning tests before so it was an experience for sure.
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    I spent a while looking for threads from last year... It seems like most people heard back about the assessment centre around the 19th-22nd Nov. So we probably have a bit of a wait yet!
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    Hello all,

    I had applied for BBC JTS, 2011. I got through the first online test; however, the results of the second are still awaited. I did try to get in touch with BBC HR office, and they told me that the results for the second tests are pending. Nevertheless, its November 28 now, and the third round was about to begin; I am a bit worried. I want to know, if I passed or failed. But there is no reply from BBC.

    Pls let me know if anyone of you have received any communications from BBC.

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    Sorry I didn't meant November 28; I meant October 28.
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    Just got my rejection email

    Standard really, it's not as if I didn't anticipate it.

    It's just SO disheartening to put so so so much effort into crafting an application like this and have it not go anywhere.

    Sigh *wallows in self pity*
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    I feel that journalisima, just checked my emails and got a rejection too.

    Don't understand what on earth they want, the very least they could do is provide some feedback. Literally spent about 50+ hours researching the company; reading through HR advice articles on the BBC website; sending application to university careers centre to check.

    I honestly think it's a case of WHO you know.
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    Also, suspect because I'm not an ethnic minority (although mixed European heritage) this may have worked against me as HR at the Beeb are very into diversity. It was quite interesting to read the following piece and how the BBC purposefully construct questions:

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    I don't have anything yet! Very distressing... checking my email every ten minutes now.

    *Tootles1*, I appreciate your point completely. However I don't believe the BBC would take substandard ethnic minority trainees at the expense of qualified white trainees, if that's any consolation. I'm an 'ethnic minority' and may very well be rejected!
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    I also applied and haven't heard yet. I'm all worried now, trying to prepare myself for disappointment. :/
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    Considering calling them.
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    I wouldn't call them just yet! If you've read the information they've sent, you will see that they have stated that they will not be notifying people of whether they have made it through to the assessment centres not before the week commencing 14-18 November. Today is 1 November. It is likely (and sorry to those who already have received rejection emails) that they are dealing with applications they do not want to take any further early on in the process.

    Don't forget they are probably dealing with at least 2,500 applications, probably more if previous years are anything to go by. It's a very popular scheme!

    As for me, I haven't heard anything yet...
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    CubiksRube, thank you for that. I think the BBC would select out of two talented candidates the individual who can help increase their diversity, which is fair enough as news is all about representing everyone. It just would have been great to make the cut or get some feedback at least.

    No news is good news for you both, CubiksRube and elley88, hope you both get on!


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