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One artist you hate which everyone else Loves.

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    (Original post by ConnorB)
    Sometimes there's that artist or Band which you cannot fathom to think why anyone would listen to them let alone love them.
    These are bands/artists where it's not cool to hate them.
    These are bands/artists that you even suggest are not good and you get bashed for it endlessly.

    I'll start

    Lil' Wayne
    So many

    Florence and the Machine
    Bruno Mars
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    Lady GaGa!!!

    Songs are all rather similar and she just annoys the hell out of me...you need to have a word with your stylist love.

    Oh and Cher Lloyd....just grrrrrr!! words fail me with her!
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    Lady ****ing gaga....
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    Oh Boy! let's see here...
    Katy Perry
    Nicki Minaj
    Most of Lady Gaga's music
    Bullet for my Valentine (they're not hardcore metal, they're not gonna be as big as Metallica OR Iron Maiden, get over yourself.)
    Quite a lot of A7X's music ( agree, it's a shame the Rev. died, but so did Dio, Paul Gray, Hideto "Hide" Matsumoto and many other stars.)

    and anything dubstep, crunkcore or grindcore.
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    Russel Brand- how can anyone like him?
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    (Original post by Amok-)
    Russel Brand- how can anyone like him?
    Well if you consider Russell Brand to be an "artist", surely you must like him?
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    Skrillex. Though, it's mostly his overzealous fanbase that drive this hatred.
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    Arcade Fire
    Sigur Ros

    ^^ All SO overrated.

    ...pretty sure me and my friends live in a little secluded indie-alternative hole
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    Her songs all deal with the same thing, namely that she's an independent woman, sisterhood, a single lady, and her girls.
    This is all hugely hypocritical considering she's a megastar married to a megastar.
    Oh, and she ruins the Lady Gaga song Telephone.
    But i'm sure she's lovely....
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    Can not stand the saturdays.
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    (Original post by ChunkyFudgeLover101)
    Can not stand the saturdays.
    But they're gangsters on the dance-floor...
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    Lady Gaga.

    Two Door Cinema Club. :unimpressed:
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    One Direction.
    Or any generic X Factor manufactured artist.
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    Do I have to limit it to one? Bruno Mars, Adele, Skrillex, Rihanna, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Example...I'll stop there for now. I think there's something in a lot of popular music that people see an appreciate that I just cannot see.

    I do like most chart music though, excluding the above :P
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    (Original post by owpowpowp)
    So many

    Florence and the Machine
    Bruno Mars
    Rep! Although I kinda like some of Florence and the Machine and have nothing against MGMT, but you're coming from the same direction as me with those I reckon :P
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    (Original post by OFWGKTA)
    DRAKE... overrated.
    i bet you love tyler the creator
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    The Hoff
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    Every artist that says their own name in their songs. So very self centred.
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    Alexandra Stan
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    (Original post by misst911)
    Every artist that says their own name in their songs. So very self centred.
    Jasoooon DeRuuuuuuuuuuuuulo


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