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One artist you hate which everyone else Loves.

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    Personally I find Adele so depressing! I won't deny she has a good voice, but her songs just really get me down-why would anyone want to listen to that kind of music?
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    (Original post by Yumnaarrhhh)
    Nicki Minaj * But yeah I agree with you
    Woops lol, thanks hun
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    Enter Shikari

    Two Door Cinema Club
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    Beyonce (can imagine her to be really stuck up) and Adele. Prats who have professional song writers to help them write songs then they take credit for it.

    Oh and Cheryl 'please feel sorr for me' Cole.
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    Jason Derulo
    Lady Gaga (pokerface was good, the rest was ****)
    Sak Noel (Seriously, who the **** likes that music???)
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    cheryl cole , cher lloyd ....
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    Adele, sorry, but why is everyone in love with her?
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    Talk talk. Can't stand the singer's voice from the very little i've heard of them.
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    I find the black eyed peas new stuff very difficult to listen to.
    Their old stuff? Fantastic.
    No wonder there are rummers spreading about the E.N.D

    I thought that was pretty funny myself but okay xD
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    Red Hot Chili Peppers.
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    DRAKE... overrated.
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    Surely by posting on this thread, you are guaranteed to be negged by insulting an artist most people like...
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    (Original post by Chimaira)
    Plan B.

    From this:

    To this:

    I liked his old stuff, he was sick at grime. :gangster:

    Now it sounds like someone's chopped his balls off with an angle grinder and shoved them so far up his rear they're wrapped round his vocal chords. :getmecoat:
    I loveee love love the old Plan B! I just pretend the new one doesn't exist
    Yay for his old albums!
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    Tinie Tempah.... YEAHHHH I think I found a winner...
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    Adele and Ellie Goulding

    It's not like i hate them but i don't see why everyone loves them so much
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    Ellie Goulding
    Nicki Minaj
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    Emi ****ing nem
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    and tbh Calvin Harris he used to be good
    and as im ranting, Bruno Mars.
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    (Original post by mikeyd85)
    U2. Though going on some other threads where I've posted about my hate for U2, it seems not everyone else loves them.
    Funnily enough i have never met a U2 fan. I have met about 20/30 people who say the same bad thing about U2. Feels good man.

    I haven't really got one. My mates generally share my music taste largely.


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