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UCL Archaeology 2012 Undergraduate Applicants

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    Oh brilliant, with all the stuff from my A Level I should ace that question Thanks for the top off

    I think you'll be ok if you've applied for a BA. Anyway, unless you want to do the sciencier modules, you'll be fine. For the A level we had one sciencey module with needed a bit of science theory and some maths, and there's a girl in the class who isn't strong at either, and she managed fairly well.

    It's weird to think we could be on the same course in a few months time :O If we both get offers, we should come up with a codeword to try and figure out who's who at printech xD
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    No worries!

    Yeah, I'm sure I'll be able to handle the science modules.. I'd love to know how carbon14 dating works and that thermoluminescence dating technique. I think it comes down to being interested in something because that way you'll be more motivated to understand it. With physics and chemistry I just... didn't care ;D

    I know! But wait. Dear God what's printech? Have I missed something... O_o
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    Pri(m)tech is the most awesome thing ever providing it's sunny. It's basically an experimental archaeology course, so you camp in a field and sort of do caveman-esque stuff like making stone tools and butchering deer etc.

    An endless supply of free alcohol and, at least this year, 3 free solid meals a day that are a thousand times more fulfilling than anything you will have eaten in Fresher's so far. The only downside is the lack of showers, the walk back to your halls of residence on the Sunday is the worst part.
    Hopefully our year's SAS (society of archaeological students) will make it as good for you guys as this year's did you are pretty much guaranteed to make friends.
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    It sounds just about perfect for archaeology students...

    Thanks for the information
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    (Original post by Howie713)

    It sounds just about perfect for archaeology students...

    Thanks for the information
    No problem you will also all meet on the Monday of fresher's week (at least we did) for a social-type thing (with more free alcohol) to get to know each other before, you will be dragged to the union for £1 drinks and then onto a club afterwards if you want, so you should already know course-people before you get to primtech.

    Any more questions just ask, 90% of my procrastination time is spent on these boards
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    How much of the course is spent drinking?

    Every archaeology graduate I've met has stressed the amount of drinking that gets done..
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    Hahaha, there does seem to be a considerable amount but then that is also true for most uni students. Every monday there will be a lot of drinking, aside from that it's up to you. Your SAS fees will fund significant amounts of alcohol available to be poured into your bloodstream at various events.
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    It also helps that there are no 9am lectures
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    Ah, I see..

    What's cost of living like in London?
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    I'm looking forward to this more and more Although I absolutely completely REFUSE to butcher a deer (I'm a vegetarian).

    What halls are you in, out of curiosity?
    Also, which course are you doing? :3
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    Cost is high just due to accommodation, the cheapest non-en suite singles this year are £119 pw, mine is £140 and en suites are £189. Pretty horrific unless you get a shared.
    Aside from that, it's OK if you're careful. Make sure you shop at the bigger stores as they will have more 'basics' products which are much cheaper, the smaller ones will rip you off. Club nights are generally £3-5 for tickets unless you go moonies (terrible club but good if you're drunk and want a cheap night out) which is £1.50. Union drinks are good and cheap, the union shop can get you lunch for £3 although the cafe is pricier (but coffee and hot chocolate are cheap). Transport - basically, get a student oyster and walk everywhere you possibly can.

    I'm in Schafer house. 5 to a flat, quite quiet, (although I'm always with archaeology people so hardly ever there anyway) but it is one of the nicer halls and is very close.
    And I'm doing Arch BA though considering switching to a BSc
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    (deer butchery isn't compulsory if that reassures you :p:)
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    I'm happy about the deer :P
    Oh cool My top choice of halls is Max Rayne (fingers crossed I get it!), as I don't mind the distance and price is my top priority. But I think I'll cry if I get a shared, as I have OCD... Hmm.

    Yeah I've applied for the BA. What kinda time did you get your questionnaire and everything? People have started getting them and I haven't had one even though I got my application in dead early, so I'm bricking it a little
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    Don't worry, UCL are insanely disorganised. I got mine at the start of December and an interview in January don't fret about it for at least a month or so.
    I've not been in Max Rayne but I've heard it's alright. The distance is a bit of a ***** to be honest (been to ifor evans which is in the same place), although there's a bus that goes directly between the halls and the quad really frequently so it's not too bad, just means you spend a lot on transport. Camden is awesome though and there's a massive sainsbury's. Also don't set your heart on one halls if you get an offer because it's highly likely you won't get it!
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    Yeaah. My only problem is, I can only afford the £120 halls because I'm poor :3
    So that only really leaves Ann Stephenson or Max Rayne. I can't afford more than that... And I'd be happy with either of those (although AS is appaz full of oldies)
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    Astor is £120 as well as is Hawkridge (never heard anything about that though) and possibly Campbell too. Astor's in an awesome location and they're building new kitchens so it will be slightly less scummy than it is at present
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    Oh well that's ok then ^^ When I looked earlier this year it was only those two.
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    Hey have you heard anything from UCL yet?
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    No not yet, I'm starting to feel a bit downhearted, I must admit.
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    Relax, they take ages. My application didn't get dealt with until well after New Year.


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