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The capture and death of Col Gaddafi

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    (Original post by Aack)
    Why do all dictators resort to "hiding in a hole" ?

    It doesn't work!
    In the future I hope "hide the dictator in the hole" will be used as a euphanism.
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    Fgs I wish this laptop would load the bloody video.. which it won't..

    Does anyone know of any low gb-thingy video player things I can watch this on?
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    Alleged photo of gaddafi

    (Gory image warning and all that)

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    (Original post by Annie72)
    Another dictator gone.Power to the people of Libya

    If he is indeed dead we need to see proof or will he be buried at sea like Obama was?
    :rofl: Obama was buried at sea?

    Anyway they should send him to a taxidermist.
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    Gaddafi is dead?
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    Is this gadaffi? Is it just an old Madame Tussauds waxwork left out in the sun?

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    Lol, Gadaffi Duck.

    Seriously though, is he actually dead? I thought he just got pwned but was still alive
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    (Original post by Aphotic Cosmos)
    There wasn't really the need to intervene in Tunisia, Egypt or Oman, as they reformed themselves through people power, and Yemen and Syria would only be destabilised by a Western presence, especially Syria due to it's considerably better equipped, Russian-backed military and very well entrenched regime. Bahrain, whilst terrible, was also strategically unsound for an intervention as it would have set off a whole mess of arguments with the Saudis and the UAE. The protests in other nations never amounted to enough to justify Western intervention.

    We have to be selective and do what we can, where we can.
    Do you really believe that? Don't you realise that, before we had 'helped out' in Libya, we could have also thought of a multitude of reasons why it wouldn't be smart to go in there too. If Cameron wanted to intervene in those countries, wouldn't he have been able to come up with reasons why it would be sensible to go in?
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    The picture on the BBC website is awful. If the picture is real, i'll be surprised if he's not dead. It certainly doesn't look like a leg injury to me.
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    Lol, Gadaffi Duck.

    I've heard unconfirmed rumours he's been killed?? I don't believe it though
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    (Original post by IcedTea&PotNoodle)
    The picture on the BBC website is awful. If the picture is real, i'll be surprised if he's not dead. It certainly doesn't look like a leg injury to me.

    Sky have just shown that picture.I'd say it is Gadaffi myself.Apparently he was also shot in the head during his capture.
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    Gaddafi confirmed dead.
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    (Original post by Annie72)
    Sky have just shown that picture.I'd say it is Gadaffi myself.Apparently he was also shot in the head during his capture.
    Ye it certainly does look like him. And it does look like he has been shot elsewhere apart from the legs judging by the amount of blood on hit shirt and face.
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    just turned on the news, its breaking news on BBC - havent seen any pictures or anything though.

    but sky is showing the picture.....christ
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    1405: Libya's transitional authorities say Col Gaddafi has died - AFP reports. A similar report was carried earlier on Reuters (see 1256). However this has not been confirmed.

    1356: Nato has not yet confirmed Col Gaddafi's arrest.
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    Spare a thought for Gaddafi's friend, Tony Blair. They shared many a happy hour in that makeshift tent in the Libyan desert.

    Good news for many. Just wonder how true the argument is that Libya/that region needs someone like Gaddafi to control divided factions...

    Don't know anything really about the politics in Libya, anyone know how true/utter BS the above argument is??
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    IF allived, he must be tried in LIBYA, NOT the ICC
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    Don't **** with the Brits ever again. Lesson learned!

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    U WOT U WOT, we gna put a bangin donk on it, standerd


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