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2012 entry American applicants - Edinburgh

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    I guess now we are both just playing the waiting game! I am so anxious at this point, I just wonder when I will find out.
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    Date applied: January 30th, 2012 :P
    Course code/name: C801/Psychology
    4 year or 5 year degree: 4 year
    Status of the application: Pending
    Stats (AP/SAT/ACT/GPA):
    AP Bio - 3
    AP Lang - 3
    SAT - 2150
    CR - 680
    M - 700
    W -770
    SAT II:
    Math Level I: 670
    ACT - 31
    GPA - 3.69/4.3 W

    Will Take:
    AP Psych
    AP Lit
    AP Stats
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    Who else is still waiting?
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    (Original post by itssdj)
    Who else is still waiting?
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    Me too. My School is finally trickling out offers (I saw two for Philosophy and Economics go out) so I am getting quite nervous!
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    I feel like I am much to anxious! I really am hoping for an offer.
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    I am still waiting as well. I applied for Ancient and Mediaeval History at Edinburgh with SAT of 1810 and AP scores in World History (3,) English Language and Composition (4,) and U.S. Government and Politics (5.) I have already received an unconditional offer from the University of York in "Heritage Studies" and I am not really sure why I applied for that, because I want history not archaeology so I guess that was just a mistake. So I am really hoping Edinburgh accepts me. I'm worried because my math score wasn't above 600 like it says is a necessary admissions requirement. Oh well time will tell.
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    I applied to Edinburgh for history too!
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    Hey all. Recently received (and accepted) an offer for the Biodiversity and Taxonomy of Plants MSc program: I will be attending the school for the 2012-2013 year.

    I submitted my application in January and waited 2 weeks to receive a UUn, then waited a further 10 or so days before receiving the offer. Obviously postgrad requirements are different than undergrad, but my relevant qualifications were academic experience in my chosen field and a 3.50 overall GPA as an undergrad.
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    So who else is still waiting?
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    I am. Still pending~.
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    Well at least I am not alone.
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    Rejected. Oh well. At least I got into York and Aberdeen. Good luck to everyone.


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Updated: March 28, 2012
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