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Art portfolio with no foundation year?!

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    (Original post by carnationlilyrose)
    You aren't eligible for student loans for a foundation course, I'm afraid, although you pay no fees if you are under 19 when you start it. Over that age, fees are payable, although they are lower than degree fees. Your eligibility for student finance for a degree afterwards is unaffected.
    Ahh ok thank you. I'm hoping my a levels and portfolio will be enough to get me straight on to a course then!
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    (Original post by KED)
    Thank you, just had a really positive interview at CSM, so no offers yet but keeping everything crossed!
    I just received my offer from CSM today (ba architecture), and already hold one from Cambridge, pretty difficult to choose. Good luck to you! What did you apply for?
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    (Original post by msas1)
    I just received my offer from CSM today (ba architecture), and already hold one from Cambridge, pretty difficult to choose. Good luck to you! What did you apply for?
    Congrats Architecture - something I admire but would be way out of my ability (I cant even think straight )

    Id go for CSM, but then Im London biased - Cambridge Im sure is great too!

    I applied for BA Fine Art (XD), I feel pretty positive about CSM but the interview was only on weds so prob wont hear back for a wee while yet. Waiting to hear back from camberwell and have an interview with Chelsea on Tues - nerve-wracking process!
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    I'm currently first year at Nottingham Trent doing Graphic Design and I got in without a foundation! =) I also applied to Winchester School of Art and they accepted me without one, so it is possible =) However, I wish I had done a foundation simply because it gives you more opportunity to try new things and experiment so you're confident before you come to uni and you have more experience and know how to do stuff. As I came from A-level, there were a lot of things I hadn't tried before I came to uni and depending what the facilities are like at the uni you go to, you might not be able to try stuff there either! So I would def recommend one =)


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