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Who believes in the 'Modern Illuminati' and how long is it until a new world order?

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    Personally I don't believe in this modern day secret satanic organisation that advertise subliminally through the media, but what are your views?
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    (Original post by ak137)
    Haha, I'm new so I havent seen past threads on this.
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    I'm not sure.

    Perhaps we should ask Siri, she seems pretty clued up.
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    Totally believe in it, and our world is run by secret society, to put it this way wether you like it or not. 80% of the world is under influence of 20%, this goes to our politics and everything happens in this world

    There's alot of signs in media preparing for the new world order, it's been mentioned in USA, it's been perpetuated through the news. Obama, King Abdullah and most of the leaders are following the agenda's of secret societies. That's true, well that's what i believe in.
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    Make me king as we move towards a new world order...
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    (Original post by VQG)
    Make me king as we move towards a new world order...
    Alright calm down Eminem.
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    (Original post by Tweaky)
    Haha, I'm new so I havent seen past threads on this.
    Oh sorry didint see your post count otherwise i would've been much more lenient
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    I strongly believe that with alot of wars and conflicts going on in arab countries for example is just to unite them under one power. So I am from Kuwait, I defo know that we are under control of USA similar to other Gulf countries, our leaders are just reps of the secret societies, we literally obey what they tell us to do.

    Now as you can see alot of leaderships are going down " Funded by the secret societies" why would they pay this much of money, sending troops? Why bother? Do you think it was because to save the humanity? I don't think so.. However, you will see further leaders falling in Arab countries and different, you will see alot of riots in future, that's been perpetuated by the secret societies.

    Secret societies are aiming to erase all the religious views, because any religious views is difficult to challenge, that's why you see alot of emphasis on Athiests, and the God Delusion. Religious views is difficult to challenge when it comes to any changes, you might not agree in religion, but that's what they are aiming.

    They are setting up European Union, the UN, trying so hard to make it one goverment, so all people will become slaves, yes Slaves to those secret societies. Those secret socieities rule our business, our money, everything you have is owned by them.

    Go to youtube, there are some good video
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    I'm pretty sure that Simon Cowell is one of the Annunaki lizard bloodlines
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    12/12/12 get readyyyyyy to rumbleeee
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    Anyways that's my own views, that's how I see the world. I don't care about your opinions, i have strong feeling of whats going on, and there are alot of clear signs out there.
    it's like 9/11 is was just a conspiracy, joke to invade afghanistan. Now they are invading Iraq. Hold on, they got an army base in Qatar, and Kuwait. Surrounding one country which is Iran. That doesn't mean I agree with Iran politics, but those secret socieities trying to break up wars and segregation between people, blaming religion for all these wars, blaming terrorists when infact they actually train those terrorists to do their agenda.

    " New World Order" is reality. people can't understand it, because of their closed-minded views.
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    People who believe in the Illuminati probably also believe that 9/11 was a government conspiracy, the moon landing was faked, Elvis is alive, Paul is dead, etc. You just can't take them seriously.
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    There's a lot going on behind the scenes in this world that we don't really know about.
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    I find some of the videos on youtube hilarious: cyclops from 'monsters inc' are subliminal messages from the iluuminati, as is Rihannas SnM video where she has 'princess of the illuminati' written on her dress. Last I heard, a secret society that goes around screaming their name around isn't so secret.
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    i believe for some reason the illuminati are obsessed with getting the uk and us to do israels dirty work,no idea why the illuminati would be interested in israel though,maybe they are based and from there who knows.
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    People are confused by what 'Illuminati' actually is, because it's been used so much by a bunch of clueless amateurs. I personally do not know much about the 'Illuminati' and its history but any educated person cannot deny that their is some sort of 'secret society', even in this age.

    The fact is, there have been secret societies since the last centuries that have caused catastrophic damage. WW1 didn't just happen, nor did WW2. There are evil corporations and individuals that have caused much catastrophe, especially when it comes to making war.

    Look at the Wall Street protests. They are not directly attacking Obama because he is a puppet. Same with Bush and Clinton. They are attacking institutions like the Federal Reserve. The Fed is SECRET and that is the TRUE driving force for power. They fund presidential elections and buy politicians. Kennedy wanted to end the Fed and he got shot.

    It's not really a 'secret' society if you do the research, it's just that the corporate media refuses to tell us these things because they are also corrupt. But thanks to the internet you can seek the truth. Research the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, New World Order, etc.

    Democracy doesn't exist. Society is controlled by the 1%. Think about it. Who votes for politicians? Us. What do we base our opinion of these politicians on? The mass media. Who owns the mass media? A few individuals. See, but we the masses don't realise this so it's 'secret'. But it's not really secret because you can do the research!
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    The illuminati is not a satanic cult bent on indoctrination. In fact, the illuminati is a sensationalist fabrication meant to demonise secret societies such as Rosicrucians and free masons etc...who were just a bunch of scientists back in the days of Galileo and further back, who were not allowed to openly espouse doctrines such as those of a heliocentric view of the planets, without Simplicio stepping in to deem them heretics , a crime which in those days carried a penalty of death...or house arrest if you were a really important scientist who was willing to publicly apologise to these cretins for your folly :rolleyes:.

    At long last, it appears that the world will always to filled with Simplicios, ones who are riled and ready for a new witch hunt. And thus, we have the "modern illuminati", lol. People are so stupid, it baffles the mind sometimes.
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    (Original post by Munchies-YumYum)
    21/12/12 get readyyyyyy to rumbleeee


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