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Make FB wall totally private to non-friends?

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    Since FB has changed again, when you view some peoples profiles who you aren't friends with, you can view certain things on their wall. Normally it's if they've become friends with someone, if they've liked a certain page, and the odd status update.

    That's the same with mine, but i want to make it so my wall is TOTALLY private to people who aren't my friends. Swear i've tried everything though?
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    Does it really matter that much?

    Essentially got mine on public. Does my head in when someone adds me and I can't see **** all of their profile until I accept.
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    Wanna tear out your hair over FB Privacy?????

    Most people think the magic of making your page TOTALLY PRIVATE happens in privacy settings. It doesn't. The method to the madness of the TOTALLY PRIVATE FB page happens in Account Settings!!! Following the steps below should help anyone with this dilemma.

    Go into Account settings>small message to left of screen on how to control privacy>Choose edit your profile>Notice drop down boxes next to each setting>choose who you want to see each setting ex. public, friends, only me> Do this to each of the headings to the left of the page ex. Basic Information,Profile picture, friends and Family...etc>
    If you want everything private, put everything only me. Select what you want only friends to see and select NOTHING for public. You can then view your page as a friend would see it and also as the public will see it. You can tweak from this step.
    This is my first post to a thread, my instructions are newbie, but if you are a FB pro, you should navigate easily!!
    Hope this help...well, this WILL help!
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    change everything to FRIEND ONLY.


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