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King's College London BSc Business Management 2012 Applicants Thread

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    finally!! i recieved a conditional offer today! woohooo! now i gotta decide which to firm...UCL or Kings... :confused:
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    (Original post by paulas)
    finally!! i recieved a conditional offer today! woohooo! now i gotta decide which to firm...UCL or Kings... :confused:
    which course did UCL offer you?
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    (Original post by rapide66)
    which course did UCL offer you?
    Information Management for business
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    what are peoples offer requirements? (for those in the UK and do A levels)
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    (Original post by I Gurn Hard)
    Didn't apply to LSE because I got rejected last year for politics, and i only just finished my maths A level (self study).

    Yeah my post was incredibly negative and I can understand any hate I get for it, but it's mainly because I have a job lined up and need to decide whether to take it, and I have heard (rumours admittedly) that King's tends to give offers first (and a few rejections if there's something glaringly obviously wrong) and makes all the mediocre applicants wait until 31st of March for their rejections.

    I'm not one of those guys who thinks "look at my grades?! why didn't you accept me?!", i think it was probably my statement which mainly concentrated on how well i've been doing at Exeter uni rather than why I want to study Management which has let me down, but for me, the wait is enough to put me off the idea entirely since if I leave it much longer to decide I may miss out on an excellent job in the civil service (19k starting sal for non-grad, i'd be silly not to take it really). Sorry if I came across badly, but i'm sure you can understand my frustration in being left in limbo
    Whether you get your offer in November, February or April has nothing to do with how good your application is. Rather, it has to do the the fact that the Business Management course at King's is the most oversubsribed course at King's, and probably one of the most oversubscribed in the whole of UK. Every year there are between 16-21 applicants/place on this course. This means that the admissions team has well over 4-5000 applications to read through for about 230 places.

    I agree that it is annoying that they take so long, they took ages to get back to me as well. But consider how many applications they get: I couldn't find any other course in the UK that has a higher number of applicants/place.

    P.s. just a note to everyone who is still waiting: King's is apparently still giving out offers. If you haven't heard back yet it is not a bad sign. They simply haven't got through to your application yet. They will consider your application and if they like it, you will get an offer. There is still just as much hope as there was anytime before this year.
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    I wonder how they process the applications then? I sent mine off in January and heard back in March.
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    (Original post by bakyvinnynguyen)
    I would go for WBS if I were you, well but if you want to go to London, then King. I got this offer from warwick but havent got anything from Kings. Can I ask when you received the offer from King?:confused:
    I received the offer from King's in Mid February (PS. I am an international student)


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Updated: April 18, 2012
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