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Who's cuter human babies, kittens <3 bor puppies?

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    Human babies
    Other (Please post what you think is the cutest)

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    Who is the cutest baby? <3
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    (Original post by AvatarMew)
    Who is the cutest baby? &lt;3
    humans, obviously.
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    Find a human baby as cute as this.
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    (Original post by The Illuminati)
    humans, obviously.
    Humans are slimy and look deformed.

    Kittens/puppies are only slimy for a bit, because they have proper mothers who lick it all off; not like us wussy humans who want to use water or rubbish like that
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    Dogs :yep:

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    kittens :3
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    I love kittens and puppies, but I have a cat so Kittens!
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    (Original post by Blazara)
    Humans are slimy and look deformed.

    Kittens/puppies are only slimy for a bit, because they have proper mothers who lick it all off; not like us wussy humans who want to use water or rubbish like that
    Human babies are cute after they've had the gunk washed of them. How can a clean human baby not be cuter than a saliva covered cat or dog. I'd rather give birth to an ugly human baby than a cat, that would be seriously disturbing.
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    It has to be kittens. They're the most consistently adorable.

    You get some fugly babies as well.

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    It depends on the animal or child in question.

    My own kids were incredibly cute. My puppy is very cute too, but my kids were cuter. Then again I'm a mother, I'm biased. NO baby, be it animal or human, is as cute as my kids were as babies (in my own personal motherish opinion).

    Having said that, my puppy is a lot cuter than some other peoples kids lol.

    As for kittens, they're cute, but puppies are cuter.

    Thus as follows, in order of cuteness :

    1) My kids
    2) puppies and other peoples kids
    3) kittens

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    Babies are ugly, deformed with weird alien heads. Jus' sayin
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    ...puppies. :hmmm:
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    (Original post by Vikki1805)

    ...puppies. :hmmm:
    say what now?

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    (Original post by PinkMobilePhone)
    say what now?

    In person, that dog would be cuter than that baby, I guarantee.

    There is nothing 'cute' about fat, bald things..

    Plus I happen to prefer the temperament of dogs to babies, any day of the week.
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    Kittens all the time, outworldly cuteness!

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    I win.
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    Hmmmm I suppose i would have to go with kittens , so good literrally any way you cook them . puppies just taste like beef so they would come second i think.
    Not exactly fair though ive never eaten a human baby.


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