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Procrastination: The #1 First World Problem

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    Am I the only one who feels like the Brain (hitherto known as Brian) is a sentient being; allied with the Devil and the nemesis of human productivity?
    Brian comes up with the most deceptively alluring reasons why doing a Game of Thrones marathon should take ultimate priority over studying for my final-year exams, the results of which pretty much decide whether or not I'll be able to feed my children in future years. What's most infuriating about Brian?
    I like him.
    Under His reign I feel content, blissfully unaware (or not - my subconscious, thankfully, is a revolutionary tasked with the rebellion against His supremacy) of the jaws of panic that lie just around the corner of my living room - wherein the throes of GoT ecstasy take place - waiting for the inevitable time of day (almost always just before I go to sleep) when my screams of dread, regret and anxiety will reach no ears but my own. Under His dictatorship it doesn't take long before my hungry desires for TV, Youtube and Tickld succumb to His sly, seductive hand that dangles not a carrot but a fat juicy strip of filet mignon (sorry to all you Veggieburgers out there) in front of my face.

    It's only a matter of time before I end up failing my exams, and I end up in front of my parents trying furiously to duplicate those ancient Reasons wielded so powerfully by Brian the Brain; to justify why my English paper was not on Hamlet's political messages as it should have been but on how much Joffrey Baratheon sucks d***, and also end up failing that as well.

    Long story short: I hate procrastination. But I also love it. But I want to hate it more than I love it. So...I'd appreciate some help.
    Any scar-ridden veterans out there who have survived the pillaging conquests of Brian the Brain? Anybody with a spare rope with which they can fish me out of this delightful abyss of useless, lazy comfort?

    I need some of that TSR gospel, so preach it to me.
    Thank you~ <3


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Updated: January 13, 2014
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