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Embarrassing things in every day life

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    (Original post by DH-Biker)
    I've had three that make me wince every time I think about them:

    1) x
    Well, look at the bright side. It's still a GAME shop :sexface:

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    (Original post by Crazy Lady!!!)
    You sound clumsy like me! I was looking for a tent peg behind a pathing stone and it fell on my leg. My parents were sure I'd gave broken my ankle (I had flip flops on) I didn't luckily but I still have the scars on my leg! Lol
    I am ridiculously clumsy. Ouch a paving stone fell on you? I was in the kitchen once in my Mum's dilapidated council flat and the bloody cupboard door fell off its hinges and fell on my back. Ow.

    I attract danger.
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    (Original post by kka25)
    Well, look at the bright side. It's still a GAME shop :sexface:

    That's very true.
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    Falling flat on my back in the snow. It was SO painful tears were running down my face and I was moaning, then my 2 year old daughter starts moaning too and repeats a word that rhymes with duck, then at nursery recounted the experience to her teachers.

    Falling asleep on an old mans shoulder on a flight to Australia and snoring loudly.
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    (Original post by I<3LAMP)
    I am ridiculously clumsy. Ouch a paving stone fell on you? I was in the kitchen once in my Mum's dilapidated council flat and the bloody cupboard door fell off its hinges and fell on my back. Ow.

    I attract danger.
    Yeah it hurt. My mum was straightening my hair when I was younger and I turned round like she asked and lifted my wrist up. It went between the straighteners and my wrist was burnt on both sides. Had to wear a bandage for ages...

    Lol me too!
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    I've done all of these apart from the boner one (which is impossible for me!)

    Have had white stins on dark trousers come in late then knocked over all the chairs in some meetings, my stomach goes mad in quiet surroundings, I've come up to people when in a group to see they're not my friends but strangers, etc. I've even said "Why is there a book on porn" in HMV and the music went silebt as soon as I had said it! Every day, a new opportunity for embarrassment. Also have had erm loose bowels during an exam and my period when I was wearing a short skirt and no tights in an exam for my A2.

    10 replies popped up; with stuff I haven't done. The karate situation... I feel for you girl! Can't cycle either. That reminds me of this scooter training thing I did - I was wobbling everywhere wh everyone doing it perfectly despite not knowing how to do it "apparently"!!!
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    Pushing a pulling door :facepalm:
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    I can't pinpoint one moment, but every time something embarrassing thing happens I tend to go red, but not just red, I mean VERY red. Then someone always points it out to make it worse. Why do people have to be so ignorant...
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    I hate the whole stomach rumbling when you're hungry, especially in exams when it's silent...

    Also, i once walked in the wall at the back of the shop because it was a mirror and somehow i just assumed the shop went on... how i didn't notice my reflection... :lolwut:

    Walking into Topshop, walking up the stairs, and screaming/nearly falling down the stairs because the mannequins surprised me...

    Once getting off a bus, someone shouted my name, but i turned around, looked at them, and rather than pretending i knew them just said 'i... don't think i know you' and walked away... turned out i did...

    Walking up to someone and starting to talk to them before you realise it's not who you think it is

    People waving/smiling at people behind or with you, and you waving/smiling back because you thought it was aimed at you

    I'm sure there are lots and lots more :mmm:
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    It's not perhaps an everyday occurrence, but when I was in Cornwall, I got stranded on a rock. My friends and I had been rock-pooling on this interesting rock about 100m down the beach. When we turned around, we realised the tide had come in around us, and the water was about a metre and a half deep. We were all fully clothed, and I had my handbag on me which had my camera (a Canon EOS), my friends' cameras, our phones, my purse in it etc.
    Cue panic.

    We eventually got 'rescued' by a ten year old kid in a wetsuit who had an inflatable dinghy.
    When we finally got back onto the beach and celebrated the fact we were still alive, we realised the whole beach was staring and laughing. The shame.

    We went back to the same beach a few days later, and some random woman in the shop said, "Hey, weren't you the people who got "stranded" on that rock?"


    The post below just reminded me..
    At the beginning of September, I did work experience at a hospital in Birmingham. I live in Cambridge, so it was a rather large trek to get up there in the mornings. On the last day, I caught a train from Birmingham to Milton Keynes so my dad could pick me up from MK after work. I was so exhausted and it was a slow train, so I fell asleep. On the woman next to me. With my mouth open.
    When I woke up and realised I'd been snuggling up to this poor woman's shoulder, I just turned and looked out of the window, trying to pretend it had never happened. I was far too embarrassed to apologise to her, as that would mean acknowledging what had happened :lol:
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    I fell asleep on a man's shoulder on the Piccadilly Line late one night. Then tried to snuggle up to him. The SHAME.
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    (Original post by Marc707)
    Running to get a bus with is beginning to pull out. Everyone on the bus is looking at you but the bus drives off regardless. Now you have to stand in humiliation while everyone else at the bus stop waiting for different busses secretly laughs at you.

    That is why I only run for the bus when I know I'm definitely going to get it.
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    (Original post by confuzzled92)
    Boner during a presentation would be hilarious. :mmm:

    Saying hello to someone among a group of people and they don't hear you.
    Been there :sexface:
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    Walking up the stairs and tripping :facepalm:
    Walking down a quiet street and taking a buckle (trip) that's so embarrasing, I won't even look if someone is behind me
    Riding my bike once for the first time in ages and I saw 3 hot girls, I kinda lost control and they saw it
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    (Original post by DH-Biker)
    Those would be my three, the first being by far the most embarrassing... Was so tempted to make it sound like I was buying something for a girlfriend I didn't have at the time... But no, I froze and when I did move it was straight into a group of attractive, female women who were my own age.
    As opposed to male women? :teehee:
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    (Original post by kka25)
    That's not embarrassing, that's :mad:!

    Owh the long walk home just to get the bloody card!

    And you know what's the best part? You have money but only paper money, and it's in 10 pound notes which the bus driver will never take.

    Horrible day. :cry:

    LOL. It is embarassing when the bus driver is looking at you desperately rummaging through your pockets try to find it. And don't forget the impatient passengers behind you waiting to board the bus too.

    The anger comes in after when you have to walk back all the way home and you realise you're going to be late for college.
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    (Original post by S_mush)
    Pushing a pulling door :facepalm:
    This is a regular occurrence for me especially at school at the main entrance
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    Thinking someone who you never really liked much is trying to talk to you from far away and giving a friendly reply back. But then realising minutes after that she was giving you a funny look becuase she was talking to someone behind. AWKWARD.
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    Last week i went downstairs thinking the guests staying over had gone and said, "Thank god they're gone" , only to realise they were still there and heard me... had to style it out... not sure it worked :'|
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    (Original post by Cirsium)
    As opposed to male women? :teehee:
    I didn't get your reply but after reading the quoted part,



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