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Queen Margaret University

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    Does anyone have any idea how to connect to xbox live in the halls of residents? It's not exactly a pressing matter but it would be great to know :/

    Joined this JUST so I could reply on this thread. Too all who think its a great place , go look at the scores. The uni has done extremely poorly . I understand why . It's been the worst choice I ever made . I have compared the work handed out by qmu compared to the two other choices I had and its almost embarrassing . Tutors constantly off ill or just "away from campus" . I once waited nearly three months for feedback . In all truth my employer is currently taking legal action against qmu. I have a list so long you would not believe . It's an utter shambles of a place and as for support .... There is none . Avoid at all costs . Ps I'm still a student there and can't leave for another year. . Like I say , don't listen to me . Go read the scores . It's easily found .


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Updated: September 23, 2013
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