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Difficulty breathing, but only when sitting down

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    Hi, basically tiltle says it all; laying down and standing im fine, but as soon as I try to sit I begin feeling a sort of air hunger. It stop almost as soon as I lay down or move around. I don't smoke, I have never had asthma and I'm in good shape. I don't have insurance so I can't see anyone. I have looked all over the web and can't find a thing. It could be anxiety relate, but it doesn't seem to happen when I'm not sitting and it stops quickly when I lay down. Anyone have any suggestions for what it could be?
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    Must say, sounds quite unusual the way it comes on only on sitting. Do you have any other symptoms, respiratory or otherwise? Perhaps worth looking at your posture as a factor, given that it changes upon sitting/standing/lying? Anxiety related breathlessness is certainly a possibility but is there any particular reason you mention anxiety? And how is your general fitness and health otherwise?

    Some advice you may find useful and worth a shot to see if it makes any difference:
    Relaxation techniques

    It would be easy to suggest you see a doctor, but given you have difficulty doing that (in the USA I presume?) I would perhaps see how things go given that there aren't any worrying signs you've mentioned thus far. If you are worried, or this is having an impact on you I would you get yourself checked out via whatever means you can manage with.
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    You don't need insurance to see a doctor, just make an appointment and go and explain what's happening.
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    (Original post by OceanInTheSky)
    You don't need insurance to see a doctor, just make an appointment and go and explain what's happening.
    They're obviously in a country where they do not have access to a national health system.
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    (Original post by Sophie1805)
    They're obviously in a country where they do not have access to a national health system.
    Could be a new student from overseas, unfamiliar with our system, so worth a mention I guess.
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    Fluid in the lung maybe...? Seems to be something unusual going on inside. Unless it's only started happening recently, in which case it may be stress related or perhaps because of your bed/chair/posture... If it's been consistently going on for more than 2 weeks then you really do need to seek healthcare, it could be serious.


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Updated: October 29, 2011
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