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Most Emotional You Felt During Or After A Game

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    what is the most happy or sad you have felt during or after a football match

    the happiest i have been is in the 2007/2008 season when we beat Sunderland 2-0 to secure our survival that season , it was just a fantastic day , the worst i have felt was when we drew 1-1 vs Everton last season , we were heading for a 1-0 win at their place when in the 94th minute they grabbed an equaliser.
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    First time I've read such basic, simple sentences since I read my sisters year 9 English homework.
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    Happiest - Coventry City 6-2 Derby County (2003/04). It was the last home game of the season and our last ever game at Highfield Road. Thrashing Derby 6-2 was just the greatest feeling ever and watching fans pour onto the pitch and start ripping up the grass at the end of the game was both both moving and hilarious! Such a great day.

    Saddest/angriest - Coventry City 2-3 Watford (2008/09). We were 2-0 up after 53 minutes and then Watford made an incredible comeback to win the game. We basically threw the 3 points away, giving away corners and freekicks far too easily and allowing them to get back into the game and snatch the win. Even though we fell apart in the second half, I felt that we'd been robbed of a deserved victory. I was angry at our players, at our manager, at Watford and their fans, and at the referee.
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    Jerzy dudeks save at 3-3 in istanbul
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    Arshavin goal to make it 2-1 at the Emirates against Barca last season :coma:
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    Champions league final 2005 as an 11 year old boy I just broke down in tears at half time, with being at my first ever European cup final the disappointment etc and was emotionally drained at full time with the penalties etc. Then add on sleeping on an airport floor in Istanbul for about 6 hours trying to get on any plane which was going to England
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    Happiest - Gillingham at home last season, confirmed as the winners of league 2... watching the presentation of the trophy, just wow! Close second is also last season beating Rotherham 5-0.

    Angriest - Last season losing to Bury. Was the infamous match where a fan punched their keeper. So angry at losing that match though because it jeopardised winning the league!

    I'm a Chesterfield FC fan by the way, for those that don't read siggys
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    Not sure about the happiest/saddest, but as a Turk, Euro 2008 Turkey V Croatia was a very emotional game for me, and those who watched it would surely understand why

    The Comeback Kings :woo:

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    Roy Keanes header against Juve, Champs league semi final 99.
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    Manchester united vs bayern munich in 1999, the champs league final,

    Even though i dont support any of those teams the manner in which manchester united won it made me feel so bad for bayern munich, from leading the whole match, two errors cost them the trophy. two late minute goals robbed them of the champions league, even though i was only 12 i almost cried for them. Apparently they had already decorated the trophy with bayern ribbons and had prepared to present it to them..

    The happiest i felt was when gerrard scored that piledriver against olympiakos, where i rugby tackled the bartender to the ground i was so happy. the whole place went crazy...
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    Happiest: watching the 2010 World Cup final in Spain. Extra time. One of my favourite players finally scores in the 116th minute. One of the most amazing atmospheres I've ever experienced.. Just brilliant.

    Saddest/angriest: pretty much every Barça v. Real Madrid game. I always feel really ashamed and pissed off with the behaviour and provocation that goes on prior to, during and after those matches.
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    When Tiote lashed in a volley with his weaker foot against Arsenal :sogood:
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    My emotional moment has to be the 2006 world cup final, when Zidane sweetly headbutted that Italian dude right in the chest sending him right to the ground. That was very touching and inspirational moment to me and still brings a tear to the eye.
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    Saddest moment was in the 2006 wc final against Italy when they robbed us the title :rant:

    Happiest, I have a few but the most recent was Arsenal winning 5-3 against chelsea yesterday.
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    Best i've felt- Hull City play off final at full time when Deano's goal proved decisive

    Worst i've felt, the game that we were confirmed as relegated from the prem. Even though we'd have needed summit like 40 goals in that match to stay up, it didn't sink in until it officially happened
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    Happiest I've been was keeping my first clean sheet for my home team as a 17 year old, having not played in goal since I was 10 and normally having played as a full-back/winger/striker beforehand.

    Saddest was while watching the Benfica game in which Miklos Feher tragically died.
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    Worst - when celtic lost to porto in uefa cup final, when their players (specifically deco) were extragavantly diving all over the place. Needless to say worst refereeing ever and I don't think the ref ever worked again. It was made worse because my grandad was a great supporter and on his last legs (he had lung cancer) and to be beaten by such an unworthy team was heart breaking, I believe it was henrik's last season as well.

    Best - never really, celtic and england are my main teams and they haven't done too well recently. However in other sports the 2003 Rugby world cup was a great day!
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    John Terry missing the fifth penalty in the Champions League final
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    I'm gonna agree with the people who said the Liverpool 2005 Champions League final.

    I've never experienced anything like it, and I'm actually getting goosebumps writing this now.

    Unbelievable stuff.
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    (Original post by TheCurlyHairedDude)
    First time I've read such basic, simple sentences since I read my sister's year 9 English homework.
    I'll just leave this here.


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