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Most Emotional You Felt During Or After A Game

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    I have to say yesterday is quite high up there when we beat Wolves with that late stunning goal from Robbie Keane.
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    Iniesta's goal against chelsea
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    Best I've felt I think was Chung Yong Lee's goal last year away at Birmingham to send us to the FA cup semi. The fans went mental behind the goal and we felt like we were going to win the cup for Nat Lofthouse.

    Worst was unfortunately the match that we were celebrating getting to. It's a hell of a long way from London to Bolton after that.
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    it's probably already been mentioned but as a 12 year old in May 06 I cried myself to sleep, still in my shirt, after the CL final. if I ever visit Saint-Denis... :cry:

    one of the saddest elements of that evening was sadness for Bobby Pires.
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    it got to be when we lost vs Wigan 2 weeks ago , horrible feeling.
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    Champions League Final Bayern-Valencia back in 2001..man after Kahn held his third penalty I mentally jizzed to the utmost..

    2008 Uefa-Cup Bayern-Getafe..Bayern trailed 1-3 in overtime with 2 minutes left.Luca Toni scored in minute 119...1 minute later Kahn ran out of his goal to the opponents box,he beat some Getafe Player in the air and headed to Lahm.Lahm crossed to Luca Toni,3-3 Bayern was going to the next round.

    Oliver Kahn gave me some nasty moments :lol::lol:
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    "Is this their year?! Beckham ... in towards Sheringham ... AND SOLSKJAER HAS WON IT!!! Manchester United have reached the promised land!!"

    It'll never get better than that. I still get emotional watching it now.
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    I was too young to remember the 2001 final against Alaves (5-4 we won) but I have vivid memories of the CL final in 2005. Ironically, my biggest one is asking my dad with tears in my eyes at half time 'can I go to bed now?' needless to say, I am eternally grateful to him for saying no.

    I'd have to say that the 2009 CL quarter final against Chelsea at the Bridge was the biggest emotional roller coaster ever in football for me. 2-0 up at half time, thinking we are really gonna pull this one off. Then Reina howler, Alex thunderbolt and Lampard. All of a sudden a bizzare goal from Lucas and then Kuyts header 'Liverpool are rolling away the stone...the comeback kings are at it again!' I remember that line so much. Belief was back again and I thought 'just one more boys, one more' then Lampard pops up with another goal and kills it. But what a night. Never thought I'd say this, but fair play to Chelsea on that night. Can't wait for a few years when it's back to the old days of our titanic matches in the quarters and semis.

    The 4-4 against Arsenal at Anfield just a week later was also amazing. Unbelievably bad defending from both teams throughout and Arshavins only ever good game for the gunners. Unforgettable night, possibly for all he wrong reasons as a quiet 1-0 win would've put us top by 2 points and not just goal difference. Funny how both of those games, although incredible football matches and unforgettable nights, pretty much ruined our season. Ahh well, at least we go out in style

    In terms of sadness, the 2007 final against Milan was heart breaking. We'd played so much better than in 2005 and yet we lost. Kuyts goal in the last minute had us all dreaming again but we just couldn't do it. And a bit of a weird one, but when we lost to wolves in the league last season I felt totally despondent.I was just beyond anger at Roy. I'd always backed him to that point but that was the last straw.

    As an England fan, the 4-1 against Germany was ****ing horrendous.
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    Emotion: Anger
    When: Newscatle's comeback against Arsenal.

    Emotion: Depression
    When: Arsenal's 8-2 thumpingn at Old Trafford. Knowing one of your greatest rivals who you compete with year in year scored 8 passed you will never be forgotten.
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    was delighted after we beat Wolves at the weekend.
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    Best probably beating Wigan 8-0 to win the League. Actually seeing the match in person I'd say the best moment is either Torres' goals v Leicester (simply because it means so much to the fans) or when we equalised when losing 3-1 at half time to Spuds

    Worst moment will always be John Terry then Anelka in Moscow
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    Most emotionally depressing this season was watching the Foy ****-ups with my naked eyes away to Stoke.

    Happiest was watching Benny smash one in against Newcastle after 2 minutes, only for us to stick two more in in ten.
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    last night vs Tottenham , was really happy when we equalised we then pushed for a win then we let in 2 goals within 3 minutes and my happiness had faded into sadness.
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    Barcelona 2 Chelsea 2, when Torres scored to make sure the deal was done. Catharsis. :woo:
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    1999 Champions league Final & 2008 Champions League Final

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    The worst has got to be away to Stoke on the final day of the '07/'08 season. Dropping into the third division for the first time in our history, that day was horrible - even if we came out of the other side much better off.

    Honourable mentions though to the trips to Forest in our first two seasons back, and the play-off semis against Cardiff.

    Best is much harder - there's the 4-0 cup win against Forest this season, 3-0 v Forest in 2009/2010, the Brighton game to confirm an immediate return to the premiership in the '02/03 season but I'd probably plump for this:

    last minute winner to beat Leeds and all but confirm both a return to the championship and the title :sogood:
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    '99 Division Two Play-Off Final.
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    Emotional? Sheffield Wednesday's 2-0 win over Wycombe Wanderers on Saturday to seal promotion and snatch it from Sheffield United who'd held onto 2nd for months. We went 2nd on 28th April and needed to win to take promotion, it was very comfortable despite a lot of nerves from the fans pre-game.

    Jubiliation isn't the word, especially after the incredible arrogance of many United fans in recent weeks. 11 wins and 3 draws from our last 14 games did it for us, an incredible run and 3 weeks before hand I returned from Colchester thinking it was over (4 behind with 3 left) we ended up promoted by 3 points!! We were 5 behind having played 2 games more in February, that is how good our run needed to be!!
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    My happiest moments were when we knocked Farca out of the CL this year & beat Bolton in 2005 to win our 1st title in 50 years My worst emotions came from England losing to Portugal in 2006 & us losing to Refchester Utd in the 2008 CL final, both reduced me to tears Also when Spurs played Bolton in the FA Cup since Muamba nearly died.
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    I don't think anything will ever beat this:

    Every time I watch it I get a bit emotional.


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