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If you could live during any period, in any country...

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    I'd love to live in Imperial Russia late 1800s as Russian nobility/aristocracy.

    & then somehow find a way to transform into an ordinary urban worker/peasant so I can witness Lenin and the revolution without being killed.

    maybe I'd be a Bolshevik
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    Like someone else said, Victorian England as a rich male would be nice Also, maybe 200 years in the future in this country as myself would be very interesting. Even more so than the Victorian era I'd say.
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    Miami in the 80's, LOL
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    Another one for wealthy Victorian. Would like to be in the later Victorian period (1880 onwards) and preferably in London, although I'd be happy with Edinburgh. I grew up in a middle-class Victorian suburb in Edinburgh and did once wonder what life would have been like for the original owners.

    1950s USA seems quite appealing too. It seems to have had vibrant character and been a time of real change and prosperity, unlike 1950s UK where everybody was broke and doing constant housework

    London in the late 1970s as well. Would be well up for trying the dodgy fashions and experiencing the music when it was brand new
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    As a caveman, in Southern Africa. Doing what the hell i want, when the hell i want. No routine, no stress, no bull of modern day life.
    Just me, my cave woman and my spear
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    19th century London.

    I'd probably prefer to live in the future if I knew what it was like but I don't, which kind of makes it a stab in the dark.
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    Sun tzu's time as a prince so I could mash the concubines in the royal court while taking opium and being paranoid about the northern barbarians
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    18th-19th century Vienna, to witness Beethoven's development
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    early 1990s in UK

    music/football/clothes/politics/pills were all bang on
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    This thread is far too interesting to die so early. With that, I hereby bump.
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    Downton Abbey <3 So Britain in the early 1900's, as an upper class woman. But I wouldn't want to live like that forever; I'd just want to see what it was like. I'd grab the chance to taste the life of the house staff, too.
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    1960s New York. Greenwich Village.

    Or 1960s London.

    OR 19th century Paris.

    OR I would be a cuh-razy suffragette and throw myself under a horse.

    Or the Palace of Versailles in the 18th century.

    Orrrrr a Victorian rent boy so I could bang Oscar Wilde.
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    (Original post by xoxAngel_Kxox)
    I'd grab the chance to taste the life of the house staff, too.
    Seems like it'd be a bit **** to me
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    (Original post by philistine)
    Where and when would you choose, and why?

    For myself, I'd love to have lived during the beautiful era, or 'La Belle Époque', in France. To be the same age as I am now around 1900 - 1910. Man, that would have been amazing. Just...amazing.

    The period was famously painted copious times by French artists Eugène Galien-Laloue, Georges Seurat, Jean Beraud, Renoir and many others. Some images:

    Interesting in seeing the responses.
    Gorgeous paintings.
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    Islamic Golden Age in Al-Andalus, so outworldly,

    Oh well.
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    Right now, maybe Babylon around the mid 6th century BC.

    TBH, providing I get to be upper class, there are countless places/periods I wouldn't mind being in. If I had to be a regular person I wouldn't be to keen on much before 1960 or so.
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    (Original post by ArcadiaHouse)
    Seems like it'd be a bit **** to me
    Yes it would be- but I'd like to experience it all the same. Not forever though.
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    (Original post by concubine)
    If I had to be a regular person I wouldn't be to keen on much before 1960 or so.
    It's not much better in 2011 mate
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    (Original post by xoxAngel_Kxox)
    Yes it would be- but I'd like to experience it all the same. Not forever though.
    Oh. OK.

    I'd bang Thomas and leave.
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    Probably the year 3185, in the Capital City of the marvellous country XRT - 42.


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