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If you could live during any period, in any country...

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Could 16-year-olds have swung the referendum the other way? 23-06-2016
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    1920s New York. Jazz age and flapper dresses...would be great

    Or the Wild West, around the mid 19th century.

    I love America
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    (Original post by V8power)
    1950s, 1960s USA, Rock 'n' Roll and then Muscle Cars era - swell times, before all this nonsense…
    or Wild West times, being a cowboy.
    You are a man/woman of wisdom.
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    1920's/1930's Italy OR America.
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    Tough choice!
    1920s USA
    1960s Britain
    Ancient Greece?
    1940s-50s USA... So I could meet Gene Kelly in his heyday!
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    Well, I wouldn't want to be a woman pre-1950s in any country. Bit dull. If I could be a wealthy bloke I'd probably go for 1850s England. Although I absolutely LOVE art deco so I might have to go for 1920s US.

    As a lady I'd go for 60s/70s London/Paris/Berlin.
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    (Original post by Riolent Vapist)
    early 1990s in UK

    music/football/clothes/politics/pills were all bang on

    The clothes were awful. :lolwut:

    Will Smith is cool though.
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    Germany in the 1930's and 1940's
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    Antebellum American South, someplace like Tennessee, Mississippi or Louisiana.
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    London 1888. As long as I was aware I'd gone back in time and knew about all the Ripper murders.

    And I'd have to have a ****-load of cash.
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    I would like to be in the Regency London. Upper vales of course, and before the great unwashed started to throw their rags out of the pram. A
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    Probably the wild west. I'd like to have been a cowboy.

    Otherwise, probably renaissance Italy (Assassin's Creed times ).

    Or better still; a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

    WHAT?! You can't prove it never happened!
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    Well I wouldn't live to have lived there but if there was the chance to travel in a time capsule and see something and walk around for the day etc, I'd have liked to have gone to South Africa in the days when the Dutch settlers first arrived. I went to Stellenbosch - which is a beautiful part of the world even now where there are buildings and roads etc, and saw some old paintings in a museum there that were painted in the 1800s, of the surrounding area and around the Western Cape when it was unspoilt, and it looked absolutely breathtaking, just boundless hills and rivers surrounded by the same mountains. I'd have loved to have seen it then.

    In fact if you could do that time capsule thing I'd like to go anywhere really before things got very developed, I'm sure this country looked beautiful, and I'd have loved to be able to go out on a clear night when there was no street lighting, cars or any other light pollution and seen millions of stars.

    As for a period to go to I'd quite like to have been back in time in the UK and been born in say 1972, then I'd be in sixth form in 1988-1990 right at the madchester rave era, grown up in my early 20s in 1990s Britain, gone to watch a few games in Euro 96, been 25 when Blair got elected, probably been in position to have bought a house in the late 1990s and taken advantage of the huge boom in property prices, and been able to get my career established by the time the drawbridge fell from underneath everyone in the late 2000s.
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    F. Scott Fitzgerald's America in the 1920's? Or maybe during the 19th century where anywhere in america you could claim as your land
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    I'd love to see London,especially Ealing in the early 1900s It would be awesome recognising streets and buildings. I'd also like to see New York in the 50s/60s
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    (Original post by CB91)

    The clothes were awful. :lolwut:

    Will Smith is cool though.
    he dresses the same as Tyler The Creator! I guess it's true what our parents say about fashion going in cycles.

    This makes me feel old.
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    (Original post by modini)
    probably renaissance Italy (Assassin's Creed times ).
    Yes! A time of knowledge, arts... and fine women . It would have been cool.

    (Original post by modini)
    Or better still; a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
    Not sure this is historically accurate, but come on, who doesn't want to be a Jedi. :starwars:
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    To experience life in one of the Thirteen Colonies during the American Revolution and it's aftermath would be pretty exciting.
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    Perhaps Ancient Egypt or Ancient Greece, the culture has always fascinated me

    In a more modern era, probably the 80s, as that is what half of my family are always harping on about!
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    1940's possibly in America
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    This country in the 60s, 70s and 80s and 90s. Or a wealthy person in ancient Rome or Greece, cause you can sit around and eat and do what you wanted


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