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If you could live during any period, in any country...

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    (Original post by philistine)
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    The 20s!
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    April 15th 1347; Poland.
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    Native America
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    in a southern usa state just for the antebellum houses! early 1900's or 1930/40's please

    ...i wonder if what time period we feel drawn too has an relevance to maybe 'past lives' or something like that...haha
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    Either the Victorian or Edwardian period. Somewhere within the British Empire or the east coast of the United States. Fantastic stuff.
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    (Original post by fairylights)
    in a southern usa state just for the antebellum houses! early 1900's or 1930/40's please

    ...i wonder if what time period we feel drawn too has an relevance to maybe 'past lives' or something like that...haha
    The romantic in me would like to believe that I'm the same - I love the houses in the Deep South. One of the Gone With The Wind houses for me :cool:
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    17th century; Joseon Dynasty.
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    1930's in Berlin for me please. Seeing the rise of Madness would be two interesting not to witness.
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    I like David Starkey's answer to this question: That he wouldn't like to go back, because the benifit of being a historian is being able to understand what was happening with far more claity than the people who were actually living though it.
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    1890's Britain, be fascinating to live in Great Britains golden age
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    Uk 1970's punk era as I would easily be the best rock guitarist here!
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    I'd choose either Ancient Egypt or Ancient Rome; there's only so much you can learn from the history textbooks, it'd be great to actually live during the time!
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    Presuming I didn't know of later developments in hygiene, medicine and whatnot, I'd probably go for late 16th/early 17th century England. Impeccable manners, dashing gentlemen and Jane Austen.

    Or maybe the Swingin' Sixties - post-war celebrations.

    I might struggle with the lack of feminism though.
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    Ancient Greece: Preferably in Sparta during the Persian Wars or even the Peloponnesian war, although I wouldn't mind living in the democracy of Athens, but, as a woman, I don't think I'd have much freedom in Athens, I'd probably have a lot more freedom in Sparta, or so it appears.
    Ancient Rome: Would love to live in Rome during the Augustan period and maybe Caligula's reign as emperor too. Just so I could see if he was as crazy as he's shown to be-- I'd love to see him making his horse senator or declaring war on the sea.
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    early 1800s in the british aristocracy
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    Anytime before 20th Century would be great...But If I had to choose, then, 18th Century probably... those dresses :O
    Anyway, I hate 21st century.
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    25,000 years ago in Europe, to see humans meet Neanderthals.

    Ancient Rome, at the time of Augustus.

    The US in the Reconstruction era.
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    Late 1980s/Very Early 1990s Germany - a time of exciting change for both Germany and Eastern Europe when the wall came down. Probably the era of German history which fascinates me most.
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    1456–1462, Romania.

    I reckon I'd get on well with good old Vlad Tepes...


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Updated: April 23, 2012
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