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The "I have an offer from Edinburgh" thread [NO DISCUSSION]

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    Course: Geophysics (F660)
    Offer Conditions: AAA
    International or Home/EU: England
    Reaction: EEK! My first choice, my friend hung up the phone on me because she said the shrieking was hurting her ears
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    Course: Astrophysics (MPhys)
    Offer: Unconditional
    International/Domestic: Domestic (Scotland)
    Reaction: Kind of expected it to be honest...
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    Course: French & Politics
    Offer Conditions: Unconditional
    International or Home/EU: Home
    Reaction: Very Happy
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    International Student
    Program: International Business
    Conditional Offer: 80 overall and 80 in mathematics
    Reaction: so happy!
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    Just got a CONDITIONAL from Edinburgh U for Geology & Geology/Physical Geography. All they want are 4 A's (Highers). No pressure then.
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    Course:Ttheoretical physics
    Conditions: 5 in physics and math (norwegian system...)
    Reaction: Relieved! and surprised how quick they answered (only a week after I applied!)
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    (Original post by Moine Thrust)
    Just got a CONDITIONAL from Edinburgh U for Geology & Geology/Physical Geography. All they want are 4 A's (Highers). No pressure then.
    ooohhh good luck! im on my gap year right now so got an unconditional for geoscience :eek: soooo pleased
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    Guys -- remember that this thread is for offers only.

    Please take any chat/excitement/discussion/panic relating to other people's offers (or your own) to one of these threads:

    Applicant chat thread

    The Edinburgh FAQ/Q&A/Ask a Current Student thread

    The outside courses/extra subjects question & help thread

    Thank you!!!

    Well done to the people who have offers,
    Bad luck to the people who didn't get an offer - Edinburgh is only one choice of many and its ridiculously competitive. It doesn't mean that you have a bad application or are a poor applicant,
    And keep calm to the people who are still waiting for news!
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    Happened a little while ago BUT thought I'd whack it down here-

    Course: French & English Literature

    Conditions: Unconditional

    International or Home/EU: From all the way down in the depths of Wiltshire..

    Reaction: Extremely pleased, a little surprised (my school seem to think that NO-ONE gets into Edinburgh), and now waiting on tenterhooks to hear from UCL. If no offer, Edinburgh all the way (and to be honest I'd be thrilled with that). If I get into UCL, well... I've an extremely hard choice coming up..!
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    Course: French and English Literature
    Offer Conditions: Unconditional
    International or Home/EU: Home so basically I have to pay £9000 haha.
    Reaction: over the moon. I got rejected last year on the basis of higher predicted grades than I have now. I was expecting an AAA offer conditional on my french re-sit but this is great news and I think I'll probably accept even though it's really far away from my family! I will wait to hear from Durham but yeah
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    Course: Spanish and Business Studies
    Offer Conditions: Conditional BBB (predicted A*A*A)
    International or Home/EU: Home - Bristol, England.
    Reaction: :O I thought English boys didn't get into Edinburgh?!
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    Course: English Literature and Philosophy (MA)

    Offer Conditions: Unconditional

    International or Home/EU: UK

    Reaction: Really flipping happy - i got rejected from my first choice UCL on the 2nd and then got my offer from eddy on the 3rd - i'm actually really glad about the rejection because i'm from london and didn't really want to stay + have three lovely friends there already and am waiting for bristol - but leaning towards edinburgh. So so happy!!!

    Firm/Insurance choice: (update this thread when you've decided on your choices)
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    Course: MA French & English Literature
    Offer: Conditional BBB (predicted A*A*A)
    International/Domestic: Domestic (but English... hello £9000 a year)
    Reaction: ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHAEDYIS FMYIDYFN First choice after being rejected from Oxford and honestly could not be happier - was not expecting such low conditions. Big smiles.
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    Course: Chinese
    Offer: BBB
    Reaction: Kinda amazed how low the offer was, didn't think it was possible anymore!!!REALLY HAPPY :party2: , but not sure what to do, might take a gap year so I can reapply to Oxford hmmm..............
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    Course: BSc Applied sport science
    Offer: Conditional BBC
    International/Domestic: English
    Reaction: AHHHHHHH casually screaming in the school IT room! FIRMING THAT
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    (Original post by gpostleth)
    Course: BSc Applied sport science
    Offer: Conditional BBC
    International/Domestic: English
    Reaction: AHHHHHHH casually screaming in the school IT room! FIRMING THAT
    well done!, I got the same offer aswell! And i live in england too.
    I know little about Edinburgh's sport science course, is it well regarded compared to say UOBirmingham? Im just confused with how i get offer of BBC for Edinburgh and offer of ABB for Birmingham
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    How have people in this thread holding offers got ABB or BBB offers?
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    Course: French and Linguistics
    Offer Conditions: 36 IB points (HL 665)
    International or Home/EU: Home
    Reaction: yay
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    Course: Biological Sciences
    Offer Conditions: Unconditional
    International or Home/EU: International
    Reaction: Really happy to get an offer from my dream university...but the financial problem will be a big hurdle for me to study at there....
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    Course: LLM Public International Law
    Offer: conditional on copy of my degree award (no idea why as the conferral of award is on my transcript)
    Int./Home: Int. as being a EU citizen apparently isn't a sufficient nexus to get Home/EU rates (suggestion to maybe change the class of fees as it is misleading)
    Reaction: ****e, here goes another 20,000 pounds.


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Updated: May 11, 2013
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